Why You Need a Clean Air Conditioner Unit

Why it's important to have a clean air conditioner

With nearly 48% of home energy spending based on heating and cooling dwellings, maintaining a clean and efficient system is a must. A clean air conditioner unit can make a big difference in these costs and in overall air quality. If you’re not cleaning your air system often, you’re opening yourself up to all kinds of problems.

For every air conditioner installed in a home, there’s likely an air filter that’s gone without a cleaning for too long. If you or anyone in your home has any kind of breathing or respiratory problem, you could be playing with fire. Degrading the quality of air in your home not only lowers your quality of life but could also make your home unnecessarily dusty.

With climate change heating the planet, clean air conditioning has become a necessary ally.

Here are 5 reasons to make sure your unit stays clean.

1. You’ll See Improved Efficiency

Air conditioners include a series of tubes, fans, and motors. In order to work most efficiently, everything has to move at its optimum intended speed without any impediments.

Dust growing on every element of your air conditioning unit will weigh everything down and slow your system. Clean air conditioning means you’ll get the amount of air conditioning that you got from your unit the first time you plugged it in.

If you interrupt the normal and intended flow of air from your unit, it’s going to have to work harder. This will increase your energy costs and make the machine also expire sooner.

If you’ve got dust all over your evaporator coil, it can’t absorb heat the way that it should. With this impairment, its efficiency is reduced and it’s far less able to cool your home at the level you need.

2. You’ll Get Lower Electric Bills

With that half of your electricity tied up with your heating and cooling, any change you can make to improve your AC is a big deal. A clean air conditioning unit could lower energy consumption a great deal.

A dirty unit will use more power as it tries to spin. When the motor works harder to get to the same temperature that it had no problem getting to last year, you’ll be paying more for the same result. In severe cases, you might even be paying more and getting less than you used to.

When you clean your AC unit, you’ll shave dollars off of your bill by letting your unit run more smoothly. When air can pass through your unit unimpeded, it can hit the intended temperatures easier. Make life easier for your unit and easier on your wallet by maintaining a clean unit.

3. Save Money On Repairs

When you run a machine in a poor state, you’re inviting disrepair through the door. Any machine works best when it’s cleaned and kept in as close to factory conditions as possible. If a machine is covered in dust and dirt, it will only become more difficult to clean.

When those evaporator coils are covered in dust, which is a very common issue, you could see them build up ice. When a unit builds up ice, it could malfunction either from short-circuiting, or just the motors trying to keep up with the demands you put on the system.

Get your unit cleaned professionally as often as possible to make sure that you’re not skipping over any problem areas that come with a DIY job.

When a specialist is cleaning your unit, they can also look for any issues that might cause a larger problem later. The longer you wait to make repairs or to maintain your unit, the more you’ll pay.

A clean air conditioning unit is actually cheaper than having a dirtier or older one.

Rather than invest in the costs of repair or maintenance, do it yourself whenever possible. You’ll be more pleased with the results and you might even learn something about how those systems work.

4. Enjoy Better Air Quality

Being able to breathe easily in your home is more than a privilege. It’s a right.

Your air conditioner is meant to not only cool off your home but it can also clean the air inside. It helps to keep air fresh by circulating the air with clean air. Cleaner air allows you to be healthy, as you can exert yourself during a workout without the risk of introducing impurities into your lungs.

Dirty units give you the risk of growing mold or bacteria. An old and dirty filter can become a breeding ground for unhealthy dust and air particles. They can grow fungus and germs.

Without the proper air quality, one sickness can turn into another as a steady stream of bacteria comes into your home. When you turn on your air conditioner, the germs that grow inside of the machine are thrown into the room, absorbed by furniture, family, or even pets.

Think about all the living creatures you live beside.

If someone in your family is prone to any kind of asthma, a clean unit is a must. Taking the risk of leaving your unit dirty could lead to a severe respiratory infection and a serious illness.

Keep everyone safe with a clean unit by changing or wiping out the filters on the unit every single weekend.

A Clean Air Conditioning Unit Is a Must

Having a clean air conditioning unit will keep dust, insects, and mold out of your home. If you pride yourself on a clean home, nothing counteracts that feeling than seeing layers of dust floating in the air when the sun comes through the window.

A clean AC unit will keep that dust under control.

If you’re ready to take on the task of cleaning out your unit, contact us for tips on how to get started.


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