Why Trane Air Conditioning Units Are Awesome

Trane air conditioning unitsYou simply can’t go wrong with Trane Air Conditioning Units. As a dependable manufacturer of quality built HVAC units for over 100 years, Trane has truly set itself apart from the competition for several reasons.

Three Reasons Why Trane AC Systems Are Perfect For Arizona Homeowners

First – Trane AC Units Are Dependable

It’s easy to make a claim about a product; however, the proof in the pudding is when a claim can be supported by facts. Here is why Trane air conditioning units are regarded as one of the most dependable air conditioning systems sold in America today:

  • • Trane AC system is manufactured using high quality materials. When you buy any major appliance, what is the first thing that sales people will often tell you? Traditionally it’s that the unit is ‘Made in the USA’. However, have you ever wondered why that is important? The primary reason is the raw materials used in construction in the United States are not shipped from overseas. When you have access to quality materials instantly, and you use those high-end materials in every product you manufacture, the direct result is a quality piece.
  • • Trane Systems are a shining example of ingenuity in action. When Trane launched several decades ago, they were setting a standard in new technology. Nothing has changed in over 80 years on the consumer market. Today’s Trane AC systems lead the pack in new technology, including several systems that are controlled by remote access so you can program them from virtually anywhere on earth.

Second – Trane AC Units Are Energy Efficient

Every Trane AC system sold in America today exceeds the US Department of Energy standards for efficiency. The key thing to notice in that sentence is the word ‘exceeds’. Trane takes pride in the fact that their AC systems are not ‘good enough to meet standards’. In fact, they strive to exceed standards by up to 10% in many cases. If you speak with any Trane comfort specialist (Phoenix air conditioning contractors that has received advanced training installing Trane systems), they’ll tell you that the Trane systems they work on are extremely energy efficient. Many of these same technicians install Trane units in their own homes.

Third – Trane Units Are Affordable

Quite often a consumer will pay for brand name recognition. However, a leading reason why Trane air conditioning units lead the nation every year in sales is the value they provide homeowners. Today’s conscious consumer is more concerned with the value that a major purchase will provide their home. And with excellent energy efficiency ratings, Trane systems are built to handle extreme weather conditions (like we have here in Arizona), and tend to save homeowners a lot of money on monthly utility bills and unwanted or unneeded repairs.

Simply put, Trane air conditioning units are the best. But don’t take our word for it. Take some time to look into independent third party reviews of the best AC systems sold today and you’ll quickly discover a pattern – Trane tends to lead the way.

When you’re ready to get on the Trane ®, give Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing a call at (602) 661-9350 and we will help you get on-board!

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