Why Should I Consider Buying a Variable Speed Air Conditioner?

Variable Speed air conditionerIt’s becoming one of the most popular trends in Arizona – but what exactly is a variable speed air conditioning system? Well, in layman’s terms, a variable speed AC unit is one that is designed to continually cycle air inside your home ensuring that the house maintains a constant temperature and does not produce temperature spikes.

This type of system is especially beneficial for homes in Arizona for several reasons, which is causing many homeowners to actively seek this type of system to replace their outdated and energy consuming AC units.

Four Benefits of a Variable Speed Air Conditioner

First – Variable Speed Air Conditioners are Very Energy Efficient Units

One of the biggest myths about energy consumption is that if something is always running it equates to more energy consumed. However, this is not always true – especially in the world of major appliances. A variable speed AC system is designed to maintain a consistent temperature all while making sure that the unit doesn’t have to overwork in order to achieve a good, cool temperature. In fact, most AC units consume more energy when they have to reduce the temperature of a home by more than 4 degrees. By keeping the temperature within that range, the AC system can run much more efficiently.

Second – Variable Speed AC units are Very Quiet

For homeowners that are looking to enhance complete indoor comfort, buying a variable speed system might be right for you – especially if you’re concerned about noise. Since a variable speed AC unit is separated into two sections, the noisier part of these systems including the condensers and coils is installed outside. Plus – they draw very little power, which again, helps to conserve energy and also lets the system run very quiet.

Third – A Variable Speed System Equals Better Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to understand how the air inside your home gets ‘dirty’ to understand this benefit. All HVAC systems operate under one basic concept – circulate air from inside the home, to the cooling or heating system then back into the home. This means that when air is being forced in a smooth and consistent basis, the indoor air filters are able to trap and remove the majority of particles that cause indoor air pollution. This is exactly what a variable system air conditioning unit is designed to accomplish.

Finally – Variable Speed AC Systems are Dependable

We all know that living in Arizona can be very extreme. With the hot and dry air comes the inevitable factor that most AC systems have to work very hard in order to keep your home comfortable. However, since the variable speed air conditioner is designed to slowly circulate and maintain a consistent temperature, this means that the unit is often more dependable than a traditional system. Just like a vehicle, starting up and stopping is the most damaging part of operation. Since a variable system very rarely shuts off completely, the unit tends to be easier to maintain.

As you can see, there are many benefits to buying a new variable speed air conditioner in Arizona. The best advice we can provide you is to learn more about these new-age systems by contacting local heating and air conditioning services in Phoenix.

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