3 Reasons Why My AC Is Not Cooling Down My Phoenix Home

Why is my AC not cooling downIt’s the heat of the summer; it’s coming on fast, and we rely on our air conditioning systems to keep our homes cool and comfortable during the long, dog days of that season. When the fan is blowing but cool air isn’t coming out, it can be a real nightmare for the homeowner dealing with 100-degree days.

Some fixes for malfunctioning AC units are simple; others are expensive and tricky. If it’s not something you can handle on your own, it can help to have a professional technician diagnose the problem. Learn the top three answers to “why my AC is not cooling down my home,” and what you can do to fix your Phoenix air conditioning problems.

Addressing Problems with the Fan and Blower

If you’re frustrated and wondering “why my AC is not cooling down,” one answer could be that you’re experiencing problems with your AC blower. Fans run on motors; they use belts and all manner of fiddly parts that, when running all the time, can simply break down and stop functioning as they should. In general, you will need a professional technician to take a look and get your system up and running again.

Old or Broken Thermostat Issues

The programmable thermostat is very often a prime culprit when your HVAC system stops working as it should. The first thing you want to do is check to make sure you’ve got it set properly. Is it on “auto” and set to “cool” rather than “heat?” It may sound crazy, but sometimes the simplest oversight can make a big difference. If it’s set properly and still not blowing cool air, there could be an issue with the internal workings of the thermostat. Again, since you’re dealing with electrical systems, you shouldn’t try to handle AC thermostat replacement on your own.

Issues with Damaged AC Ducts

Damaged or broken ductwork can cause you to lose air flow and see the cool air that nominally blows from your AC unit leak out and fail to cool your home down. Broken duct work can be easy or very difficult to fix, depending on where in the home it’s located. You have AC ducts that run all through your walls, and whether or not they’re exposed makes a big difference in your Phoenix air conditioning repair.

If you’re noticing that your air conditioner unit just isn’t running the way it once did, and your home is warmer than you think it should be during the sweltering summer months, don’t panic. It’s right to be concerned, but there are Phoenix AZ air conditioner repair specialists out there who can step in to help you get your system up and running strong once again.


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