Why is Trane Such a Trusted Brand in Phoenix?

why traneIf you live in Phoenix, you know high temperatures make air conditioning a necessity — not just for comfort, but also for personal safety.

Heat-related deaths are a genuine concern. The state’s largest municipality, Maricopa County, had 130 heat deaths in 2016.

This year the average high temperature in July was 106 degrees. Winter temps can average 46 degrees, so heating is equally important.

Extreme weather conditions mean you need superior equipment. Keep reading to learn why Trane(TM) air conditioning in Phoenix is the way to go.


Every Trane(TM) product endures rigorous testing that goes beyond industry standards. Systems are tested in extreme heat and severe cold for 16 weeks.

Some units are subjected to 2,600 hours of continuous trials that include a week of salt spray to analyze corrosion resistance. This marathon simulates 5 years of wear and tear in a couple of months.

Trane(TM) is one of the most trusted brands in Phoenix because systems perform an average of 18-20 years compared to other brands which only last 10-12 years.

Want to see real-life examples of reliability? Check out these videos and photos of Trane products that conquered extreme situations.

Energy Efficiency

Trane(TM) offers packaged systems that maximize the efficiency of two units in one. Consumers can choose all electric, gas/electric or dual fuel options.

All split system air conditioner and heat pump matched systems with a SEER of 14.5 or above, 12 EER, or HSPF of 8.2 or above meet or exceed the EPA Energy Star efficiency requirements.

All the gas furnaces with an AFUE of 90% or above meet or exceed the minimum EPA Energy Star requirements.

Don’t forget, the higher the efficiency rating, the greater your savings will be.

Seasonal Maintenance

It’s a good idea to schedule preventative maintenance before the hot summer and cold winter seasons begin.

This ensures your system will provide top performance during extreme temperatures.

Seasonal maintenance increases the life of your system. It improves energy efficiency and reduces pollutants for consistent air quality. A 33-point inspection is designed to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Trane(TM) Engineering

The company was founded in 1885 in Wisconsin. Over 130 years of experience and ingenuity are behind every product.

Beyond building HVAC systems, Trane has over 1500 patents for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation products. Patented innovations include compressors, coils, and air handlers.

Each product is uniquely designed, built, and tested by award-winning engineers who are respected throughout the industry for commercial and residential systems.

Smart Home Technology

One of the latest innovations is the Nexia smart home system. The Nexia app communicates with hundreds of smart home devices. You’ll never worry about an unlocked home or open garage door again.

When you pair Nexia with Trane’s innovative ComfortLink(TM) controls, you can adjust your home’s temperature from your smartphone or another web-enabled device.

Call the Comfort Specialists

Call at Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing to help with repairs, maintenance or installation of a new system. Our certified Trane Comfort Specialists(TM) are available 24/7. We look forward to serving you.



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