Why Do I Have Water Leaking From My Air Conditioner?

water leaking from air conditionerNothing is more frustrating that finding a leak coming from your air conditioning unit – especially when the Arizona summer heat is quickly approaching. However, just because there is some water leaking from the air conditioner, does not always indicate that a major repair job is in order. In fact, sometimes finding a small leak coming from your AC unit can simply mean it’s time for a routine check-up.

3 Causes For Your Air Conditioner To Leak Water

Potential Cause #1 – The Condenser Pump Might Be Broken

Most AC units will drip some water due to condensation being formed in the AC system. When water is pooling or free flowing from an AC unit, however, this could be the sign of larger problems. One of the most common causes for water leaking from a household air conditioning unit is that the condenser pump is broken This is easy to determine yourself by pouring some water inside the condenser pan to determine if the pump can properly expel the excess water from the pan. If the pump does not filter the standing water from the pan through the system and into the drainage system, then it’s likely that the pump is broken and needs to be repaired by a professional HVAC contractor.

Potential Cause #2 – A poorly Installed AC System or Bad Recent Repair Job

Another cause of water leaking from most AC systems in Arizona is due to poor craftsmanship – especially if you’ve had any recent service completed. This is typical of air conditioning systems that have recently been serviced, installed or repaired due to two primary causes:

  1. The AC system was recently installed and is not level causing it to leak water from factory seals.
  2. The AC system plumbing lines were not properly tightened, or were damaged in the removal or replacement process.

If you’ve recently had any repair or service done to your AC unit, and it’s leaking any water, contact the company who installed the unit immediately to examine the issue and have it repaired ASAP.

Potential Cause #3 – Improper Drainage

One of the most common reasons for water to pool up under an air conditioner is due to drainage. From time to time; especially in areas that are surrounded by trees or lots of debris like standing dirt, the drainage system of the HVAC unit will become blocked and not allow the water that is formed during the cooling process to properly be distributed to the sewage system. The best way to determine this is to check the drainage system. If you see any blockage, like leaves, branches or dirt, simply remove the blockage and see if the problem goes away. If not, contact a dependable air conditioner repair specialist in Phoenix that can diagnose and fix this problem as soon as possible as leaking water can lead to other potential large-scale issues.

These three reasons for water leaking from an air conditioner are the most common in Arizona. Two of these problems can easily be avoided by working with a dependable and trustworthy HVAC company for all service, repairs and installation. If you’ve seen any water leaking from your AC unit, don’t hesitate to contact a local AC repair specialist today.

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