What to Expect From An AC Tune Up In Phoenix Arizona

By // 2015.03.24

AC Tune Up In PhoenixWe all know that getting your AC tune up in Phoenix is something we must do before the weather gets too hot. It’s a statement of fact that our cooling systems take a beating the majority of the year here in the Valley of the Sun. As such, it is very important for us to understand what to expect when we contact a local company to inspect and service our air conditioning units.

Here are a few items to expect when you set up any air conditioning service call.

First – What does an AC Tune Up Include?

Regardless of what type of cooling system you might have, there are a few items that will always be included in any AC tune up checklist in Phoenix including:

A Full System Inspection

Your cooling system is comprised of several, specific moving parts that work together to keep you cool in the summer. Some of these individual parts include:

  • Thermostats
  • Condenser Unit
  • Circulating Fans
  • Coolant system
  • Filtration

Each of these individual items will be inspected and services during a routine maintenance call.

Fill Up All Lubricants and Fluids

The second part of the initial tune up will be making sure that all fluids and lubricants are topped off to factory standards. This is critical – especially in a dry desert community like Phoenix due to the fact that dirt and dust tend to penetrate our cooling units. Also, most cooling systems in Phoenix are closed loop systems – meaning that they don’t leak coolant. If coolant levels are low, this is often the sign to a coolant leak – which needs to be repaired before it gets too hot outside.

Tightening All Belts and Hoses

The third part of a standard AC tune up specials in Phoenix is to make sure all belts, hoses and electrical fittings are secure and snug. Believe it or not, fittings can and often will become loose during the year.

Depending on your cooling system, you’ll also want to have a few other specific items examined to make sure the entire system works well. Some of these added checklist items include:

  • Having the ductwork cleaned and serviced. The ductwork is the lifeline of your cooling system. If it’s leaking it can significantly reduce your efficiency and cause expensive electrical bills every month. Plus, leaking ducts will be clogged and filled with dust, dirt and other harmful bacteria that will circulate through your home. This reduces indoor air quality and can cause respiratory illness.
  • Have your thermostat calibrated. Many of the best HVAC service Phoenix offer this service as a part of their routine maintenance package – but make sure you ask in advance.

Having your AC tune up in Phoenix completed by a dependable and honest HVAC Company consistently is a good idea. So when you find a great contractor to take care of your cooling system – keep them busy each year and make sure you have your cooling unit inspected and serviced at least once per year. You’ll save time, money and stay cool all summer long.


If you AC Unit is in need of a tune up or you’d like to get set up with a maintenance plan for your AC Unit, contact 5-star rated air conditioning experts Hays Cooling & Heating Today! Call 602-714-8270 Now — It Pays to Call Hays!

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