What Is A HVAC Load Calculation And Why Is It Important?

It’s often assumed that if you are simply replacing an older HVAC system that buying the newest model is ‘good enough’. However, this assumption is dead wrong. In fact, one of the most important steps to installing and purchasing any new HVAC system is having HVAC load calculations completed first. And by simply reaching out to a professional HVAC installation and service company to have a load calculation completed prior to purchase and installation can save you tons of money each month.

Three Answers As To Why Load Calculations Are Critical

Question #1 – What is a Load Calculation?

An HVAC load calculation is a mathematical process for measuring several aspects of a building in order to determine the best size, application and style of HVAC system. The purpose is to ensure energy efficiency while also maximizing comfort inside any home. Load calculations have been completed for several years, however, with new technology come quicker and more consistent methods to complete this important step.

Load calculations will check several specific areas to find the right sized system including:

  • HVAC Load CalculationsVerify the total square footage of the property
  • • Count how many windows, doors and entry ways there are for a property
  • • Check the insulation; not only the location but what type of materials, how it’s installed and even the density of the insulation used
  • • How many floors a home has and how much living space vs. attic space is available
  • • What landscaping is outside of the home that can block sun from entering the house
  • • Window shades, blinds or other household window treatments are used in order to keep sun out
  • • The condition of the duct work, the size of duct work and the vent systems

As you can see, there are several factors that go into completing a load calculation.

Question #2 – Why is having a Load Calculation so Critical?

Just as there are several factors that go into factoring load calculations, there are a number of reasons why you need to have one completed if you intend on buying or installing any new HVAC system. A load calculation will:

  • • Pick the right sized system for maximum efficiency and comfort
  • • Help you find a system that will consume less energy each day to produce better results
  • • Help you consume less energy and lower your monthly utility bills
  • • Help HVAC companies diagnose large-scale issues that need to be repaired or fixed prior to installation of the new unit
  • • Can save you money on routine service calls, homeowners insurance and other common monthly expenses

Question #3 – Is it expensive to have a load calculation completed?

In a word: No. In fact, many HVAC companies will offer free estimates and offer load calculations as a part of their overall service. The key is to simply ask your Phoenix air conditioning and heating company to determine what offers they provide customers.

There are many resources available for homeowners to learn more about load calculations. One of the best is, where you can read about the process involved in HVAC load calculations and why it’s more critical these days to have it completed.

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