5 Ways to Reduce Heating Costs in the Colder Months

Ways-to-Reduce-heating-costs-colder-monthsThe colder months of the year can be a beautiful, wonderful time.

The multi-colored leaves of fall, sparkling snow, and the excitement of the holidays are just a few things we enjoy as the year winds to a close.

Unfortunately, the cold also brings some things we don’t enjoy, such as a spike in our heating costs.

Read on to find out 5 ways you can lower your bill during the colder months.

Let the Sun Shine In

Sunshine is a great way to warm your house during the cold winter months.

By opening your curtains during bright, sunny days, you can increase the temperature in your house without turning up your thermostat. The sun can also boost your mood and provide an excellent natural light source.

Just remember to shut the curtains as soon as it starts to get dark, or you’ll lose any warmth you’ve built up.

Layer It Up

Dressing warmly and wearing layers can also help you reduce your heating costs during the colder months.

By adding socks, sweaters, and thermal clothing to your indoor wardrobe, you can keep your thermostat at a lower temperature. You stay warm, and your heating bill stays low.

Another benefit is less prep before going out on super cold days. You’ll already be wearing half your outfit!


Homes settle as they age, creating gaps around windows and doors that used to fit tightly. This allows cold air to creep in while all your hard-earned warmth seeps out.

You can combat this by taking a little time to properly winterize your home. Use weather stripping foam around the doors, have your insulation checked, and cover your windows with heat-shrink plastic.

This will create a warm and toasty environment with less effort.

Don’t forget to cover the gaps under the doors while you’re at it. After all, you’re not paying to heat the outdoors.

Use Alternative Heat Sources

Candles can create a warm, cozy atmosphere while you’re entertaining during the holidays. As long as proper precautions are taken, they can also be a good alternative source of heat when it’s cold outside.

Anyone who’s tried baking during the summer knows it heats the house up, whether you want to or not. During the colder months, try saving any major cooking or baking until after the sun goes down.

This way, you use that extra heat to keep your house warm without raising your bills.

Maintain Your HVAC System to Reduce Heating Costs

The best way to reduce your heating costs is by keeping your HVAC in top shape.

Regular maintenance will ensure your heating system is running as efficiently as possible. This means your house will require less effort to heat, stay warmer longer, and use fewer resources in the process.

You will also reduce your risk of having a costly HVAC breakdown in the middle of winter. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a repairman while your teeth are chattering!

If your HVAC system needs a tune-up, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today, and we’ll get you running right, no matter what the weather is.


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