5 Reasons a Water Heater Runs Out of Hot Water Fast

water heater runs out of hot water fastThere’s nothing more frustrating than stepping into your bathroom expecting a nice, warm shower and getting nothing but cold water. If it seems like your water runs out of hot water much quicker than it should, you might not be imagining things. When a hot water heater quickly runs out of water, it could be due to several problems, which is why it’s important that you do your research so you can identify the issue.

Here are a few reasons that your water heater runs out of water fast, and tips for finding a professional plumber who can restore your hot water.

The Tank is Too Small for Your Needs

The primary cause for your heater running out of water too quickly is also the easiest to fix: an undersized tank. It’s entirely possible that your water heater’s tank is simply too small for the needs of your home. Small tanks get drained of hot water very quickly, and must refill and reheat before you will have hot again. If you suspect that your water tank might be too small, you should talk with a plumbing professional about your upgrade options.

Getting the right size water tank for your home will solve the majority of your hot water woes.

Your Dip Tube is Broken or Damaged

If you’re not familiar with how your water heater works, then you might not realize that one of the most important pieces of your heater is the dip tube. A dip tube directs cold water to the bottom of your water heater so that it can be heated. This also keeps the cold water separate from the hot water at the top of your tank. If your hot water seems to run out quickly, or just won’t heat to the temperature you desire, it could be because of a broken dip tube.

When your dip tube is broken, it allows cold water to mix with the hot water in your tank, which means there will be much less hot water than there should be. Have a plumbing professional examine your dip tube if your hot water runs out quickly.

Look for Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes can be a problem for almost every area of your water system, including your hot water heater. If the pipes leading into or going out of your water heater are experiencing heavy sedimentation, it will reduce the amount hot water you have available. You should be sure to keep your water system clear of sediment if you want to be able to use your full amount of hot water.

Other Equipment is Hogging Your Hot Water

From the way plumbing systems are set up, hot water is first come, first serve. This means the closer a piece of equipment is to your heater, the more hot water it is able to use. So, for example, if your laundry machine or dishwasher are closer to your water heater than your bathroom is, these devices may be using all of your hot water before it gets to your bathroom.

Make sure that these devices are turned off before showering, and you may see an increase in your hot water.

Check Your Heater’s Electrical Components

If your home has an electric water heater, the culprit in your lack of hot water might be a blown fuse or electrical component. When your hot water is lacking, check the electrical components of your heater to make sure they are functioning properly.

The best way to make sure you have all the hot water you need is by scheduling water heater repair services in Phoenix. A water heater professional will be able to find the cause of your low hot water amounts and can tell you how to address the issue.


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