The Benefits of Upgrading to a Nest Thermostat

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Phoenix home with a Nest ThermostatWant to maximize comfort in your home while staying in touch with the latest tech in home automation? You might want to consider installing the Nest thermostat.

Your home should be the most comfortable place on the planet.

Unfortunately, it’s probably often too cold or too warm to provide the comfort you deserve.

Thankfully, advancement in technology has given rise to smart thermostats that excel at optimizing your home’s temperature while keeping energy bills in check.

The Nest 3rd Gen thermostat is at the center of this new revolution and packs everything you need to make your home more energy efficient.

In this post, we take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider upgrading to a Nest learning thermostat.

What Is a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are the latest trend in home automation.

Regular thermostats will only enable you to change the temperature in your house. However, the functionalities of smart thermostats go beyond temperature control.

For instance, many programmable smart thermostats can show you how much heating energy you are using. Some smart thermostats, such as the Nest learning thermostat, can even monitor your usage.

Smart thermostats connect wirelessly to the internet. That means you can control the temperature of your home from anywhere–as long as you have an internet connected device with you.

But the true power of smart thermostats is seen in their self-learning capabilities. They learn from your behaviors and can even adjust themselves based on room temperature.

For example, you can program them to turn down immediately you leave the house for work and spring back to action when you get back home, or earlier enough to make your house warm. This can lead to a more energy-efficient home.

Keep reading to discover why you should upgrade to a Nest smart thermostat.

The Benefits of Installing a Nest Thermostat

The Nest learning thermostat is better than smart. It’s thoughtful.

Many consumers have viewed the new Nest learning thermostat as revolutionary, and as the epitome of tech advancement in home heating.

If you’re looking into switching to a smart thermostat, here are the five reasons why you should consider upgrading to a Nest thermostat.

1. It Programs Itself

One of the energy wasting habits that we get into is not changing the temperature of our homes. Most people often “set it and forget it,” not realizing that cooling or heating the room when not strictly necessary wastes energy.

Thankfully, the Nest thermostat has a remedy for that problem.

Designed by Apple engineers, the Nest learning thermostat has some killer features that take thermostats to a whole new level.

First, it programs itself. Right after installation, it starts the learning process about your routine and preferred temperature. Soon, it will have full knowledge about your preferred schedule for temperature adjustment in your house.

It then programs itself based on how you heat and cool your house while factoring in unique factors of your home.

Through self-learning, this thermostat adjusts itself accordingly when you are away or off to work, to save energy. It will also heat or cool your house to your preferred temperature when you return to the house.

2. Saves Energy

Did you know that your thermostat determines nearly half of your energy bill?

Independent studies from real homes have shown that homeowners who install Nest thermostats can save 10 to 12% on heating, and up to 15% on cooling.

Better even, the Nest learning thermostat can pay itself within two years, according to Nest.

This Ultrasmart thermostat learns about your routine your temperature preferences to maximize your comfort and minimize energy use.

Through self-learning, the Nest thermostat can know when you are not around and adjusts itself accordingly. This helps to reduce energy wastage.

Nest also claims that their thermostats have saved over 4 billion kWh of energy across millions of homes globally.

3. Can be Adjusted from Any Location

The most impressive feature of this smart thermostat is that it connects wirelessly to the internet. This allows you to adjust the temperature online from any location.

Even when you are away from home and want to adjust the heating or cooling settings for your system, you can easily do so via a smartphone.

What’s more, you can even configure it to send you email alerts regarding the current temperature settings. You’ll also be getting email alerts whenever your thermostat gets disconnected or suffers a power outage.

4. It Tells You How and When to Save Energy

In addition to learning and adjusting itself to your home’s rhythm, the Nest thermostat will expose you to endless opportunities to save energy.

Whenever you choose an energy-saving temperature, the Nest will display a Green Leaf. Tapping on this Leaf will display information on more ways to save energy.

The Green Leaf will first appear on the first day you install the Nest thermostat.

After some few days, Nest will personalize the Leaf based on your schedule and home settings.

When cooling, setting the thermostat to above 84°F will always display the Leaf.

When heating, setting the thermostat to below 62°F will always display the Leaf. This range will change over time as the Nest continues to learn more about your home and temperature preferences.

Keep in mind that setting your thermostat to save one degree can save you up to five percent of your heating and cooling energy costs.

5. The Nest Has Quality Companion Apps

The Nest is designed to be the perfect thermostat for home automation. As such, it has quality companion apps that not only provide a seamless user experience but also support a variety of apps that make your home smarter.

For example, there is a popular companion app that can turn your Nest thermostat display into a digital wall clock.

You might also want an app that can facilitate dimming of lights during the day and restore brightness at sunset to save electricity. Nest integrates well with a variety of external apps that can help you with that.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to energy saving, the Nest learning thermostat carries the Oscar.

This ultra-smart thermostat will not only make your home energy efficient but also more appealing to potential buyers, should you ever decide to put your home on the market.

However, if your thermostat is not functioning properly, you may need to call your HVAC professional to have it fixed.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about how you can maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

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