3 Trane HVAC Systems for Sale Recommended by Experts

Trane HVAC Systems for SaleOne of the most important decisions that you’ll ever make as homeowner is which brand and model of HVAC to install in your Phoenix home. Although you have a lot of choices at your disposal, both homeowners and experts agree that there’s only one name you should trust when it comes to HVAC systems: Trane. However, Trane offers a number of great HVAC options, which means you might need help picking the exact right model for your home. Learn more about the Trane HVAC systems for sale recommended by experts and how you can install one in your home.


First up on the list of quality Trane HVAC systems you should consider for your home is the XV18. One of the most precise air conditioners available on the market, the XV18 is built to be the toughest air conditioner you will ever own, standing up to the elements and delivering consistent temperatures to your home season after season. Not only that, but Energy Star approval and a SEER efficiency rating of up to 18.00 make the XV18 highly energy efficient as well as cost friendly. The XV18 is one of the premier Trane HVAC units that will heat your Phoenix home with the greatest of ease.


Perfectly balancing high performance with affordable pricing, the next item on our list, the XR14, should be high on your list when you’re thinking about installing a new Trane HVAC system. In addition to being extremely durable, cost efficient and performance oriented, the XR14 can also be outfitted with Trane CleanEffects, which uses advanced filtration to make the air in your Phoenix home as clean as possible. So, not only will you be guaranteed a comfortable home all year long, you’ll also breathe easier than you ever have before. The XR14 is truly one of the most versatile HVAC units in the entire Trane catalogue.

XV20i Variable Speed

Last on our list of expert-recommended Trane HVAC systems is one of the most powerful, feature-rich units that you could hope to get: the XV20i variable speed. Unlike other HVACs you could choose from, the XV20i constantly adjusts the temperature of your home based on the conditions outside, making sure that you and your family are comfortable at all times. On top of its intuitive variable speed function, the XV20i also offers an incredible SEER rating of 21, ComfortLink II technology and quiet performance that will make you forget your unit is even running. For homeowners that want the absolute most out of their HVAC system, there is no better option than the XV20i variable speed unit.

When trying to find the best HVAC system for your home, there’s simply no stopping a Trane, as their motto states; and, as we have seen, Trane offers a number of high-quality HVAC units that are sure to fit the needs of almost every homeowner imaginable. If you’ve found the right unit for your home, then you need Trane HVAC installation experts in Phoenix to hook up your new system. Once your HVAC expert is done, your home will be more comfortable and cost efficient than you could have ever dreamed.


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