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Top-Rated, Dependable Trane Dealer In Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona

Trane Dealer in PhoenixOffering superior customer service since 1989 has been a hallmark business trait of Hays Cooling & Heating. However, we also take tremendous pride in being a Certified Trane Comfort Specialist and the leading Trane dealer in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ that delivers nothing short of superior service in the greater Phoenix metro area with Trane™ air conditioner repairs, maintenance and installation. But many people often ask why working with a Trane Comfort Specialist is critical in Arizona?

Here are a few reasons why our team is proud to be a Certified Trane Comfort Specialist.

First – Every Trane Comfort Specialist Receives Detailed Training

Many people know that Trane™ heating and cooling systems are regarded among the best and most energy efficient systems manufactured today. But did you know that in order to receive a Trane Comfort Specialist Certification that the company; and every service professional must undergo extensive training? From the amazing technical information passed from Trane™ engineers and product developers to on-the-job training by certified Trane™ installation professionals, every member of the Hays Cooling & Heating team receives constant training on all Trane products. However, this process is never ending – which means you can depend on Hays Cooling & Heating to always stay ahead of the curve with new technology so we can offer better heating and cooling service in the North Phoenix Valley.

Second – Trane Certified Comfort Specialists Focus on Details

Installing a new HVAC system is not as easy as you’d think. In fact, in order for a new heating or cooling system to operate efficiently the service professional must pay attention to the smallest details. This is why in order to become a Certified Trane Comfort Specialist a company needs to pass rigorous testing that focuses on understanding all elements of the complete HVAC system. This helps the Trane Comfort Specialist not only select the perfect sized unit for each individual customers home, but it also allows them to find the smallest errors and efficiently repair any Trane System quickly – and always right the first time.

Third – Trane Comfort Specialists have Several Resources to Deliver Superior Servicephoenix trane dealers

Finally, being able to contact the professionals directly at Trane has its advantages. In fact, Hays Cooling & Heating has developed a unique bond with Trane™ and has several resources at our fingertips to help deliver superior service to all Trane™ customers.

  • Anytime our Phoenix Trane Comfort Specialists in have questions about a particular Trane unit, detailed, accurate and complete information is accessed directly from Trane™.
  • Detailed training and installation service is another asset of being a certified Trane Comfort Specialist. Every Trane™ system is unique. So if there are ever questions that we can’t answer, we’ll find out directly from the manufacture for you.
  • Optimal energy efficiency with every Trane HVAC installation in Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona. Trane takes pride in the energy efficiency of each system they sell and ensures that every Trane Comfort Specialist understands how to effectively install every product they manufacture.

No matter what type of HVAC service, repair or installation you require – we have a dependable and affordable solution as your Trane Dealer in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. We welcome all comments, questions and concerns you might have about any Trane product, service or maintenance program we offer. Contact us today to learn how the Trane Comfort Specialists at Hays Cooling & Heating can offer you a dependable and affordable HVAC service solution.

Trane HVAC units for Sale in Phoenix

Hays Cooling & Heating is a Certified Trane Comfort Specialist in Phoenix and Scottsdale (ROC# 167098).

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