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3 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning in Phoenix AZ

By // 2015.07.14

save money on air conditioning in phoenix azA major factor that all homeowners must deal with is the rising cost of energy consumption in Arizona. Everybody that lives in the Phoenix Valley understands that the biggest increase in monthly energy bills occurs during the summer season. This often stimulates an aggressive search for affordable ways to save money on air conditioning in Phoenix AZ – regardless of the size of your home. Fortunately, there are three simple summer energy saving tips you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your cooling unit and thus reduce the cost of your monthly budget.

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The Ultimate Phoenix Home Air Conditioning Checklist

By // 2015.05.12

phoenix home ac checklistOne of the most stressful things a home owner can undertake is finding a good company to service their Phoenix home air conditioning system. With a multitude of businesses our there claiming to be the best among the HVAC Companies in Phoenix, finding one that can actually deliver exceptional service at affordable pricing can be a challenge. But, there are a few things that you can do to ensure your homes cooling system runs strong around the clock and serviced by the best contractors in the business.

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3 Myths about Air Conditioning Service in Phoenix

By // 2015.03.17

Air Conditioning Service in Phoenix There is nothing worse than misleading information. It seems everywhere you look somebody is making a claim about something that isn’t always 100% accurate. Add the flexibility and creativity of the internet to the equation and this problem gets worse. Such is the case about facts regarding air conditioning service in Phoenix. And when hard working home owners are looking for solid facts about where to look for air conditioning service in Phoenix Arizona – these myths cloud judgment and cause more trouble than they are worth.

In order to clarify some of these myths, let’s address them here and provide some solid facts to disprove them so that you can feel good about hiring Phoenix air conditioning companies to complete their needed service, repairs and maintenance.

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Signs You Might Need AC Repair in Phoenix Arizona

By // 2015.03.03

ac repair in phoenixHave you ever noticed that warm air is blowing from your AC vents inside the house? Or that perhaps your AC unit is constantly running – without producing cool air? These two are just of a few of the instant warning signs that you might need to have AC repair in Phoenix completed sooner rather than later. But, there are a few other signs that are not as obvious that could indicate an existing or potential problem with your cooling system.

Here are a few things to look for that will help you determine if a call to the AC repair company is warranted.

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