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3 Common Oversized Air Conditioner Problems in Phoenix

By // 2016.08.09

oversized air conditioner problems in PhoenixSelecting the correct AC unit for your home can be a daunting and confusing task with so many brands, efficiency ratings and sizes available to you. With all of these options most people just choose the biggest unit available to them for installation, but this is not always the best option as oversized units can cause major issues with your home. Below you will discover some of the most common oversized air conditioner problems in Phoenix and what you can do to combat the issues.

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3 Reasons Phoenix Air Conditioner Short-Cycling Occurs

By // 2016.04.19

Phoenix Air Conditioner Short-CyclingIs your Phoenix air conditioner turning off after only a short period of time? Are you possibly experiencing short off-times with your air conditioning unit? These are both examples of a common issue called short-cycling. Not only does this waste energy, the constant switches between on and off are terrible for the continued quality of your air conditioner.

There are many possible explanations as to why your AC unit is running but is not consistent, a.k.a. “short-cycling.” Luckily, there are many possible fixes to your Phoenix air conditioner short-cycling problem—you simply first need to determine what the cause is.

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