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Gas Heating vs Electric Heating In Phoenix Homes

By // 2015.11.24

electric heating in phoenixOne of the most commonly asked questions of heating home contractors in Phoenix is when homeowners ask about the difference between gas and electric heating. Although most homes in Phoenix typically are heated by natural gas powered systems, the recent introduction of Energy Star® rated electrical systems is starting to stimulate interest in these home heating systems. With this being said, there are some benefits of electric heating in Phoenix that homeowners should consider – that will allow them to make an informed decision when it’s time to buy a new system.

Here are a few of the benefits of converting to an electrical heating system in Phoenix that every homeowner should consider.

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Most Frequently Purchased Heating Systems in Phoenix Arizona

By // 2015.02.03

Heating System in PhoenixIf you had to guess which type of heating system in Phoenix is replaced more frequently than others – which one would you choose? Would you choose a heat-pump  perhaps, maybe central heat or a furnace unit? The truth is that each of these types of heating systems can last a very long time – or they can break down very soon. There are many contributing factors to extending the life of your heating systems in Phoenix – and there are just as many benefits to each specific type of system.

Here are some of the most efficient heating systems in Phoenix that home owners are choosing to install.

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3 Simple Steps To Maintaining Your Trane Furnace In Phoenix AZ

By // 2015.01.27

Trane Furnace in PhoenixRaise your hand if you love calling your local heating contractor in Phoenix to repair a broken down furnace. It shouldn’t be shocking to learn that there are probably no hands in the air, as the time, stress, and money involved in repairing a Trane furnace in Phoenix can all add up. But did you know that according to most Trane furnace reviews – taking time to activate a routine maintenance program will reduce the chance of part failure by up to 95 percent?

Here are some of the items that would be included in Trane furnace service program offered by professional Heating Contractors in Phoenix.

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