3 Simple Steps To Maintaining Your Trane Furnace In Phoenix AZ

Trane Furnace in PhoenixRaise your hand if you love calling your local heating contractor in Phoenix to repair a broken down furnace. It shouldn’t be shocking to learn that there are probably no hands in the air, as the time, stress, and money involved in repairing a Trane furnace in Phoenix can all add up. But did you know that according to most Trane furnace reviews – taking time to activate a routine maintenance program will reduce the chance of part failure by up to 95 percent?

Here are some of the items that would be included in Trane furnace service program offered by professional Heating Contractors in Phoenix.

Step #1 – Replacing The Filters

The first item that needs to be included on any service program is replacing the indoor filters. This is a step that should – and can easily be handled by the home owners. Indoor filters are the first line of defense to reduce Trane furnace problems in Phoenix. When they become clogged up and dirty, it restricts the air-flow to and from the heating unit. This also tends to create a drag on the system – leading to premature wear and tear of all moving parts.

Clogged and dirty air filters also increase indoor pollution – which can trigger several medical issues including:

  • • Asthma & Allergy flair-ups
  • • Spread of germs that lead to common colds, flu and other respiratory illness issues
  • • COPD flare-ups
  • • Increase in harmful bacteria entering your body

When you set up a routine service call for your Trane furnace in Phoenix, the company will replace your filters for you. But, it’s recommended to change out filters every month in dry and dusty climates like the Southwestern United States.

Step #2 – Tightening All Connections

Another important step in the overall HVAC tune-up process is making sure all connections are tight and secure. One of the major Trane furnace problems that can pop-up over time are loose gas or oil lines. This happens especially with heating systems that are outdoors or exposed to extreme weather elements. It’s important to have these fittings checked as a loose connection can lead to significant fire danger or other safety concerns.

Step #3 – Topping Off Lubricants

A major step to reduce premature replacement of your heating system is having all lubricants topped off and changed if needed during a routine service program. A factor that can impact Trane furnace price in Phoenix is replacing units too early. A major cause of premature replacement is due to lack of proper lubrication. Over extended periods of time, lubricants like grease, oil and other items simply break down or dry up. This is especially harmful to o-rings or other connecting devices that dry out when not inspected or replaced during a routine service call. To avoid this issue, simply have your Trane furnace in Phoenix tuned up on a yearly basis.

The time it takes to contact a local heating specialist in Phoenix pales in comparison to the stress, cost and time it will take you to replace your Trane furnace in Phoenix . Make the wise decision and contact a dependable heating contractor in Phoenix to inspect and service your furnace on a yearly basis.

Take advantage of the Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing maintenance program and never miss a tune-up again! It Pays To Call Hays — (602) 661-9350.

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