4 Signs of a Broken Heater (And How to Find Repairs in Phoenix)

4-Signs-of-a-Broken-HeaterAs winter approaches, a broken heater is the last thing you need to worry about.

Unfortunately, repairs could cost as much as $900 in some areas. Not everyone has that kind of cash hanging around, especially with the expenses of the Christmas season.

Our best advice is to get your heater serviced right away if you think it’s on its way out. This will increase the likelihood of saving your heater before the whole system breaks.

To help you decipher whether this is the case, we’ve listed four classic signs that your heater needs a professional service.

Read on to learn how to identify a broken heater.

1. Your Heater Isn’t Warming Up

When a heater fails to warm up, we usually assume it’s broken.

However, this isn’t always the case. We recommend checking the circuit breaker because you may have experienced a power surge.

You should also check that your heater is connected to a power source and the thermostat is set correctly.

If the above issues aren’t the cause, call a professional to diagnose the problem.

2. Noisy or Uncharacteristic Sounds

If you hear incongruous noises coming from your heater, it’s often a sign something’s wrong.

For example, a clanging in the furnace could indicate a broken fan belt. A rumbling sound from the boiler could suggest overheating.

Alternatively, a clicking noise from a heater powered via natural gas could point to a crack in the heat exchanger. This could be very serious if not addressed.

Do NOT light matches or touch any switches. If you can smell gas, evacuate the property and keep the door open.

A gas leak could put you and your family in grave danger, so seek the help of an expert immediately.

3. A Surprising Increase in Power Bills

A random increase in the price of your bills could be a sign your heater’s in trouble.

For example, heaters sometimes drain their power to counteract a fault in the system. We recommend getting a repair sorted quickly to reduce the risk of your heater breaking.

This will be cheaper in the long run, as it will lower your power bills.

4. Automatic Safety Shut Down

Heaters built in the 90s come with safety switches. This means your heater will stop producing heat if there’s a technical issue that could jeopardize your safety.

Typical problems to watch out for include:

  • Clogged evaporator coils
  • Dirty pipes
  • Saturated air filters
  • Faulty wires
  • Broken control board
  • Defective blower motors

If you’re using a forced-air heating system, annually vacuuming around the furnace’s blower will help you to avoid these issues. At the same time, you should clean the fan blades with a toothbrush.

Do You Think You Have a Broken Heater?

If you’re located in Phoenix and think you have a broken heater, please feel free to contact us. We can provide more information and advice on what to do. One of our professional team members will be more than happy to assist you.

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