Should I Repair Or Replace My AC Unit?

replace an AC unitIt’s often debated by homeowners in Arizona on whether or not they should have an AC unit repaired or replace the AC unit inside their homes. Both sides have good reasons for repair or replace but, in order to provide you with the best resources to make a more informed decision that is applicable for your individual needs, here is some pro arguments for each.

Benefits Repairing And Replacing An AC Unit In Arizona

Pros Of Repairing AC Units In Arizona

There are several positives about repairing the AC unit inside your Arizona home including:

  • A repair tends to be much more affordable than replacement. This is simply a statement of fact; and when money is tight, having the AC unit repaired and last for a few more months is sometimes the best solution.
  • A repair can fix the problem long term. Sometimes a mechanical system on the AC unit will fail. And if the repair is caught and fixed soon, it can allow the unit to last a long time. The key here is to diagnose and repair QUICKLY before other components begin to wear out.
  • Repairs can help diagnose other small problems. When you hire a contractor to repair your AC unit in Arizona, they will often be able to diagnose other areas of potential concern and make repairs to those components as well.

Pros Of Replacing An AC Unit In Arizona

Just like making repairs to your AC unit in Arizona, there are several benefits of replacing the system as well that include:

  • Replacing an AC unit gives you a fresh breath. It’s estimated that when you replace your older system with a new, energy efficient model, you’ll also increase your indoor air quality. In fact, many of today’s new systems have advanced filtration diagnostic components that will remind you when it’s time to replace filters.
  • Replacing an AC unit can save you money on monthly utilities. Most new systems built today focus on energy efficiency. And if they consume less energy each month than other units, the direct result will be less utility costs each month. In fact, it’s been estimated that newer Energy Star® rated AC units can save as much as 35% on monthly utilities.
  • New AC systems will last longer than repairs. This is a simple statement of fact. When properly maintained with a routine service plan, many of today’s quality units can and will last for over 10 years.
  • New AC systems provide maximum comfort. Again, as technology improves, so does the performance of major appliances. The best thing about replacing your older unit with a new AC unit is that you have the freedom to choose one that works best for your individual needs. Just because you have a traditional AC unit doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade to a heat pump or all in one HVAC unit.

As you can see, there are positives for both repairing and replacing your AC unit in Arizona. The first thing to consider is your monthly budget as there are several financing options available with approved credit these days that are worth applying for when installing a new energy efficient system. Simply contact your local air conditioner replacement specialist in Phoenix to learn more about reliable financing solutions.

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