Save Time and Money with These 10 Easy Plumbing Hacks

plumbing hacks save time moneyIt’s not every day we think about the pipes and the water hidden within our walls. As long as the plumbing is doing its job, there’s no real cause for concern.

It’s when terrifying clogs and damaging leaks show up that we begin to think about the plumbing.

With a few good plumbing hacks nestled in your mental toolbox, you can keep these problems from getting worse. Use these hacks to your advantage the next time your plumbing begins to act up.

1. Finding a Toilet Bowl Leak

Toilets that have a leak can be an expensive problem. If left unchecked, it can end up costing you a lot of money as it continues to generate a higher water bill.

If you think your toilet bowl has a leak somewhere, there’s a way to find out for certain.

Open the water tank in the back and add in a few drops of food coloring. Wait for about a half hour or so and check the toilet bowl. If you can see the color in the water, that means you have a leak.

2. Better Shower Pressure

Having low shower pressure can be a nuisance. Not only does it make taking a shower more of a chore, it can also cause you to take longer in the shower. This means you’ll be spending more on your water bill.

More often than not, poor shower pressure means that the shower head itself is dirty. Plumbing hacks make this a breeze to fix.

Take a small plastic bag, such as a sandwich bag, and fill it with vinegar. Using an elastic band, tie that filled bag around the head of your shower.

Leave the shower overnight so the vinegar can work its magic against the built-up grime. In the morning, your shower head should be as good as new.

3. Create Your Own Drain Cleaner

Unclogging drains can be one of the most common problems a DIY plumber comes face to face with. That’s why a good plumbing hacks toolbox should be equipped with a natural drain cleaner that you can whip out at any time.

Not only is this cleaner made up of things you can find in your home, it’s also free of any harmful chemicals.

First, take boiling water and pour it down the problematic pipe. Follow this with about a half cup of baking soda. Let this sit for 5 minutes or so.

Then, pour in a cup of vinegar. You should see the drain begin to fizzle up. This means that it’s working on the clog. Let it go for another 5 minutes before flushing it out with water from the faucet.

4. Masking Tape Pipe Tightener

Sometimes the threads around a pipe can get loose with time. There’s an easy way to help extend the life of these beaten up pipes.

The answer is masking tape. Unscrew the pipes from one another and wrap a single layer of normal everyday masking tape around the threads.

As you begin to screw the pipes back together again, the masking tape will create a tighter seal. This will keep your pipes from leaking and will make them more secure.

5. Treat Your Disposal Kindly

Being kind to your garbage disposal is one of the greatest and easiest plumbing hacks. It’s easy to think that you can put anything in this useful device, but that can often lead to clogs and other kinds of problems.

Instead, remember to try it kindly. Be careful not to drop silverware into the opening. And avoid dropping in any foods that can be especially problematic with drains.

These foods include fibrous things like celery or the husks of corn. Pasta and rice can also be dangerous, as they puff up to a much larger size when soaked with water.

6. Prevent Water Damage

Something that every DIY plumber should know is how to turn off the main water to their home.

Take some time to learn the specific steps to your own water tank. The next time a burst pipe comes along, you’ll know how to stop it before any water damage can seep in.

It’s a good idea to keep any necessary tools nearby so that you can turn off the water as quickly as possible.

7. Quiet a Creaky Pipe

If you’ve got a creaky pipe that’s keeping you up at night, this is the hack for you.

Pick up some adhesive felt or even an old t-shirt and some tape. Find the places where the creaks are the loudest and wrap the felt around the pipe. This can help muffle the sound and keep the pipes from bumping into surrounding objects.

8. Stop a Running Toilet

Sometimes our toilets will keep filling with water due to a faulty flapper or an unhooked chain.

In order to take a better look to locate the problem, you start by turning off the water to the toilet. Locate the valve on the pipe behind your toilet. Turning this will stop the water supply to your toilet and stop it from overflowing.

9. Exchange Your Shower Head

To make your shower head a lot more efficient and cost-effective, it can be a great idea to upgrade it to a low flowing option.

It can lower your water consumption by a large margin, resulting in a decreased water bill. It may not feel like much at first, but over time, this one simple change can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

10. Slow a Leaky Faucet

If you’re dealing with a leaky faucet that you’ve yet to tackle, you don’t have to sit and listen to the constant dripping sound.

Instead, grab a washcloth and a rubber band. Wrap the washcloth around the faucet head and secure it with the rubber band. This will keep the dripping to a minimum until you have time to tackle the project.

This also works for leaky pipes. Remember to place a bucket underneath to catch any excess water.

These Plumbing Hacks Will Make a Big Difference

Everyone needs a couple of hacks in their tool belt. These plumbing hacks will go a long way in ensuring that you save both time and money in the long run.

Although we like to do things with our own two hands, it’s good to keep in mind that we all need a little help sometimes. If things get too overwhelming or a problem gets worse, it’s okay to hang up that wrench and call in the professionals.

Uncertain if you need outside help? Check out our checklist to get you started.

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