Can You Save Money by Shading AC Units During Summertime

By // 2015.08.18

save money by shading ac units during summertimeAsk any air conditioning expert about the easiest way to keep your cooling system running ‘cool’ and they’ll quickly reply; “keep it out of the sun”. It does not require a PhD in particle physics to understand that when a device that is engineered to cool warm air is left outside to absorb heat – the ability to do its job efficiently can be compromised. This is why several homeowners save money by shading AC units during summertime in Phoenix.

If you’re looking for the easiest ways to ensure your cooling system stays ‘cool’ in the extreme summer heat of Arizona, here are a few simple ways that you can lower your summer electric bill by keeping your cooling system covered.

First – Does Shading your Air Conditioner Work in Phoenix?

In short; the answer to this question is yes. The easiest way to answer this question is to examine why AC systems are often painted in lighter shades. Here are a few simple facts about how cooling systems are manufactured.

  • Air conditioning units are made of metal in order to withstand the outside elements and also for additional integrity and strength. However, the interior portions of an AC system are also made from metal. Metal is designed to absorb heat; and when this metal heats up it releases heat waves that will heat up areas surrounding the unit.
  • In order to reduce the amount of heat an AC unit absorbs from the sun, many manufacturers paint or powder coat their units in very light shades of brown, tan or white.
  • This tends to reduce the amount of ambient temperature inside the cooling system itself; which makes the cooling of the air that goes back into your home much easier on the system.

In the end, the best way to reduce the potential of increasing the outer shell temperature of any metal device is to block the sun’s access to the unit. This is the major reason why when professional HVAC companies prepare to install a new system, they complete a load calculation; which factors in several elements including which location around the house is less likely to absorb heat from the sun. However, every HVAC expert will also tell you that if you have an opportunity to provide shade to your cooling system during the majority of the daylight hours – you would be wise to do so.

Second – What Can be Used as a Shade for an Air Conditioner Unit?

You can get very creative when it comes to shading an air conditioning unit in Arizona. In fact, one of the easiest ways to lower your energy bill during the summer in Phoenix is to make sure your cooling unit is not in direct sunlight during the late morning or mid-afternoon hours. Typically, homeowners will use the following methods to keep their AC systems covered from direct sunlight:

  • Location: HVAC Companies in Phoenix will inspect your home before installing a new system to determine which side of your house is outside of direct sunlight most frequently. Typically, this will be North or South facing wall.
  • Foliage: If your home has many trees or large bushes, clever placement and installation of the AC unit can easily provide a natural solution for shading your air conditioner in Phoenix.
  • Covers: This type of solution is manufactured after the unit has been installed. There are many pre-fabricated wooden ‘AC houses’ for lack of a better phrase that are installed directly over the units. However, the key to proper installation of these shade systems is to ensure that the cooling unit has plenty of room to breathe and expel heat.

Third – Besides Covering Your AC Unit, Are There Additional Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill in the Summer?

Simply put, the best ways to keep your AC unit running efficient are to ensure you activate a monthly at home maintenance program that will permit your cooling system to breathe easy in the summer heat. Here is what you should do every month:

  • Replace your indoor filters.
  • Remove any branches or dirt that is blocking the outside vents of your AC unit.
  • Keep your interior ducts and vents free of dust.

It’s also a great idea to contact your local HVAC Company for heating and cooling services in Phoenix to set up a pre-summer and post-summer AC inspection and service; so they can dig deep into your cooling units and make sure all of the interior parts are good to go when you need them to work the most.


Contact Hays Cooling & Heating today at (602) 714-8270 or email us to learn more about shading your home air conditioner, system tune-ups, maintenance and repair services! It Pays To Call Hays!

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