3 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning in Phoenix AZ

save money on air conditioning in phoenix azA major factor that all homeowners must deal with is the rising cost of energy consumption in Arizona. Everybody that lives in the Phoenix Valley understands that the biggest increase in monthly energy bills occurs during the summer season. This often stimulates an aggressive search for affordable ways to save money on air conditioning in Phoenix AZ – regardless of the size of your home. Fortunately, there are three simple summer energy saving tips you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your cooling unit and thus reduce the cost of your monthly budget.

Look into How You are Setting Your Thermostat While You’re Gone

It’s estimated by the US Department of Energy  that homeowners will spend more than 60% of their lives inside their homes. Obviously, when it’s over 100 degrees outside, you want to be as comfortable as possible during this time – right? But what about that other 40 percent of the time when you’re out doing errands, at work or on vacation? This is often the time where energy consumption can be saved significantly. Here are a few tips that you can easily activate that will ensure you have optimal thermostat setting for Phoenix AZ homes:

  • Set Up a Programmable Thermostat. Technology is wonderful, and now there are several programmable thermostats  that can be customized to keep a home running extremely energy efficiently. Plus, many of these new devices are Wi-Fi enabled – allowing you to control the temperature inside your home from anywhere on the planet and through any mobile device that has internet access.
  • Set Your Thermostat to a Comfortable Level. The US Department of Energy also states that the largest energy consumption time period caused by cooling units is when it has to cool a home more than 5 degrees. Although it might seem tempting to shut your cooling system off when you’re not home, the reality is that this will cause your AC system to run harder when you do arrive home – not only draining more wasted energy; but also taking forever to cool your home to a comfortable level. The solution here is to set your AC system to a comfortable temperature (perhaps 3 to 4 degrees higher than you typically like it) during hours you’re not home.

Install or Use Ceiling Fans

AC units are designed to circulate warm air from the home, into the system and then convert it to cooler air that is returned to the home. One of the best ways to expedite this smooth circulation of air is to install and actively use ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have two primary settings:

  • Circulate air up to the ceiling
  • Push air down to the floor

The best way to use a ceiling fans to cool homes is to draw the warmer air closer to the air ducts inside the home that send air to be cooled. This helps the AC system receive the air easier – causing less drag and making the process much more efficient all around. You can also use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air to all parts of your room; again – allowing you to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature and reduce hot or cold spots.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance Checkups

Just like any mechanical device, an air conditioning system needs to be properly maintained to ensure smooth operation. Taking time to contact a Phoenix-area HVAC service company to perform annual or bi-annual maintenance is the best way to keep your system running strong. During a routine service check-up, a professional Phoenix air conditioning companies will complete several items that can improve energy efficiency by as much as 40% including:

  • Changing out all filters
  • Checking and repairing any leaks
  • Tighten up all fittings and hoses
  • Removing any debris or blockages in the system

All of these maintenance items are designed to reduce any flow restrictions – thus improving the energy efficiency of your cooling system across the board. When you activate these three energy saving tips, you can save money on air conditioning in Phoenix AZ significantly.


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