3 Important Questions to Ask Trane Dealers in Phoenix

trane dealers in phoenixAnytime you are in the market to buy a major ticket item, you’ll want to make sure you are making an informed decision – right? For most people, taking time to research every detail of a consumer product, like a car, boat or oven is part of the shopping process. However, how often do we include these steps when we talk to Trane dealers in Phoenix about the new HVAC system we are about to buy?

Whether you consider yourself a frugal shopper or want to remove all the hassle from buying a new HVAC unit and just want to get it over with, there a few questions you can ask the Trane dealer to ensure you’re getting the right AC system for the right price.

Question #1 – Are Your Trane AC Units Reliable?

This might seem like a loaded question but there a few reasons why you should ask this question. The fact is that when you read Trane product reviews by independent third-party companies, Trane products are always ranked in the top three of reliability. However, when you speak to the Trane dealer about this, they’ll be able to provide you with solid data and facts to support the claims that other written reviews just can’t.

There are a few other reasons why you should ask this question of a dealer that sells Trane systems:

  • The dealers will be able to talk to you about their installation process, and why it’s critical to have the right company complete the air conditioning installation.
  • A Trane dealer is the best source of information about rebates, discounts and specials on the Trane units they sell and install.

Question #2 – Is a Trane Air Conditioners Energy Efficient?

Once you get the skinny on the reliability and durability that Trane AC units are famous for, you’ll next want to talk about energy efficiency with the Trane dealer. According to the US Department of Energy, Trane systems are some of the few AC units that actually exceed Energy Star® ratings for energy efficiency. This means that when you have a professional Trane contractor in Phoenix install your system correctly – it will keep your home comfortable without consuming tremendous amounts of energy to do so.

Energy efficiency also comes with added benefits of reduced monthly energy bills. In fact, it’s estimated that when you change from non-Energy Star® rated AC systems to a new Trane unit, you can save as much as 35% on your monthly utility bills.

Question #3 – What is the Life Expectancy of a Trane Unit?

According to Trane, the average life expectancy of a new system mainly depends on three important details:

First – Was the new Trane AC system installed by an authorized Trane contractor in Phoenix?

Second – Was your new Trane system serviced annually to ensure all moving parts are lubricated, filters are replaced and belts and fittings tightened?

Third – Did the homeowner replace indoor filters every month – especially in dusty and dry weather climates like the Phoenix metro area?

These three issues are vitally important when it comes to Trane life expectancy. By talking with the Trane dealer about life expectancy, they’ll provide you with details on how they and you can make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Trane Air conditioning systems are exceptionally durable and affordable units that often provide a solid return on investment for the buyer. Always take a few minutes to speak with your local Phoenix Trane dealer to have them answer any questions you have about warranties, product offerings and other Trane products that can enhance your indoor comfort.


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