How to Prepare for Your HVAC Installation

By // 2017.10.24

hvac installationAre you nervous about your upcoming HVAC installation?

A well-installed HVAC system will efficiently serve your home or business for years to come. Proper preparation can help the installation workers quickly and effectively get cold air pumping into the room.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with ways to make sure your space has the best possible environment for installation.

Double-Check the Technical Stuff

New air conditioning systems don’t come in a vacuum – it has to work with the existing space and ductwork.

Great ductwork needs to be leak-free. Escaped air into the attic or walls means that the system has to work harder to cool or heat the rest of the house or office. Test the ductwork for leaks before your HVAC installation date.

Also, consult the installation company you are working with to make sure that you have chosen the best system size and capacity for your home or place of business.

Make Room for Your HVAC Installation

If your home has animals, especially ones who are unfriendly to strangers, keep them in a locked room away from the installation area. You can also board them at a dog hotel for the day.

Move furniture away from the work area. HVAC parts can be large and unwieldy – your installation team will thank you.

Strategically schedule your installation. If at home, make sure that adults will be available to help out. If you have young children, pick a time they are away at school.

At work, choose days that the business is not open or even just select a week that you’re not too busy. Stressed out employees frustrated with the bulk and noise of an installation will cause chaos and make the HVAC installation more difficult to get right.

Don’t forget the small detail of warning employees that an installation will be happening. You won’t believe how easy this is to forget and it causes headaches for everyone involved.

Prep for Your New Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor condenser – that huge cube attached to the outside of the building – is an important piece of equipment that will operate best out of way, outside, and in some shade.

If a worker suggests placing it in the garage or some other area where it doesn’t have easy access to outdoor air, immediately reject the idea. The heat from the unit will counterproductively raise the temperature of your home.

Clear the yard or lot to make way for the condenser. There should be at least three or four feet of clearance around the unit.

If you must place it next to a fence, make sure the fence has plenty of air-flow holes. This is especially important in Phoenix. It gets so hot that the unit needs plenty of circulation.

If there isn’t a lot of natural shade available to help keep the cube cool, consider planting some trees or putting up a canopy. As previously mentioned, if you do plant foliage, don’t put plants too close to the unit.

All Ready to Install

Double-checking that technical details are in place, setting up a great environment for workers, and prepping the area for the new system will ensure a frustration-free installation.

Check out our blog for tips on choosing a system and maintaining it post-installation.


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