2 Tips About Pre-Season Air Conditioning Service In Phoenix

Air Conditioning Service in PhoenixWhen the thermometer rises above 80 degrees, you’d want to feel comfortable about turning on the AC – right? Believe it or not, many people are in the unfortunate situation where they need to contact air conditioning contractors in Phoenix to repair their systems up and running. But an easy solution to this common problem is having pre-season air conditioner service in Phoenix completed – before the temps get too hot.

Here are 2 tips that will help you become a bit more proactive about your routine service and reduce the chances of scheduling Phoenix air conditioning repair.

First: Consider Setting Up A Service Appointment After Summer

One of the best ways to solve any problem is to become proactive. This is especially true when it comes to keeping your AC system operational. So why not set up a post-season inspection with a company that offers air conditioning service in Phoenix Arizona? It’s actually a great time to service your AC system – as many AC contractors are looking for work in October through November. But, if your schedule is a bit busy, or your pocketbook is light – it’s still a good idea to set up the appointment for mid-winter. This way you don’t have to stress or worry about when your AC tune up will be completed.

Second: Speak With The Contractors To See What They’ll Inspect Or Service

Knowledge helps you make better decisions. This is a statement of fact that applies to everything in life. However, when it comes to working with air conditioning contractors in Phoenix, it’s a great idea to openly discuss what is being inspected during your pre-season AC service call. Here are a few bullet items that should be included in any service call:

  • • Change out all filters. This will include indoor house filters and interior cooling system filters if applicable to your system.
  • • Inspect and top off all fluids. Specifically, this will include coolant, lubricants and any other fluids that protect your cooling unit.
  • • Tighten all belts, hoses and fittings.
  • • Calibrate the thermostat
  • • Inspect the ductwork. This is actually a bonus – but very important item to check. If you have ductwork that is leaking, it can lead to a significant loss of efficiency. Sealed and clean ducts can help to improve energy consumption, indoor air quality and overall comfort.

Regardless of the type of AC system you have, it’s very important to keep them well maintained when you live in a dry and hot environment like Arizona. Take time to be proactive and make sure you set up air conditioning service in Phoenix before the hot weather arrives – you’ll be happy that you did.


Being proactive with your HVAC service pays off & it brings peace of mind as we prepare to the summer months. Take advantage of the Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing maintenance program and never miss an HVAC service tune-up again! It Pays To Call Hays — (602) 661-9350.

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