Phoenix Monsoon Storm Preparation – Protecting Your AC Unit

phoenix monsoon storm preparationLast week the Phoenix metro area was hit once again by a powerful monsoon storm. This time the damage done was not limited to strong winds and heavy rain. In fact, according to the Department of Arizona Public Safety, nearly 23,000 customers did not have access to electricity the following morning. As the Phoenix Monsoon season kicks into full-force into the beginning weeks of August, there are several important things that Phoenix area residents should be concerned about in regards to how these strong and rapid-moving storms can cause significant damage to an AC system in Phoenix.

Steps To Protect Your Home And AC System During A Monsoon Storm

First – Remember: Individual Safety First

The storm that ravaged the Phoenix metro area last Saturday delivered heavy rain, strong wind combined with damaging hail that brought down power poles, trees and several other large structures in the area of Greenway Road and 40th Street. This example of the potential damage these storms can produce is a primary reason why the safety of individuals living at your home should always be your top priority. As tempting as it might be to cover up your AC system during the storm, it’s always recommended to take cover indoors before the monsoon storm hits. Equipment can be repaired or replaced – but people can’t.

Second – Take Proactive Measures to Protect your AC System

If you are home when a Phoenix Monsoon storm appears to be headed in your direction, there are a few things you can quickly do to protect your AC system from being damaged.

  • • #1) Always turn your AC unit OFF when a summer storm hits near your home.
  • • #2) keep a tarp in an easy to access location so you can cover your outdoor AC unit before the storm hits. You should also keep some bungee cords around so you can securely fasten the tarp to the top of the AC system. It’s very important however, that you turn off your AC system if you want to cover it to protect from damage.
  • • #3) Consider building a protective shelter to cover your ac unit in Phoenix. Not only does this help to prevent hail, and debris from impacting your outdoor AC system, but it’s also a good way to keep the sun from damaging your AC system also.

You can also check with your local AC repair company to ask them about what specifically you should do to protect the precise type of AC unit you have.

Third – Have your AC system Checked after a Storm

This past weekend’s storm caused a lot of damage due to Hurricane-force winds that exceeded 100 MPH. Fortunately, nobody was hurt as the majority of people found shelter indoors while this storm was at its peak. However, there were reports of multiple homes with roof and water damage. It also appears that lightning sparked some house fires. As we mentioned above, under no circumstances should you attempt to head outdoors during these storms to protect your AC system from damage. One good idea is to contact your local HVAC service company after a storm hits to inspect your system for any damage that might have occurred. Most damage that happens to AC systems during a storm can be minimal at first. However, when gone unchecked those small issues can grow into huge problems that will often lead to costly repairs.

The National Weather Service says that there are chances of more extreme Phoenix Monsoon storms into this week. And most people realize that during the entire month of August, these storms can pop up with very little warning. With this being the case, take time to protect yourself and your outdoor equipment from significant damage caused by these extreme storms. And always be safe – first and foremost.

If your AC is not working after a monsoon contact us right away at (602) 661-9350, we are a 24/7 emergency service provider.

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