3 Common Oversized Air Conditioner Problems in Phoenix

oversized air conditioner problems in PhoenixSelecting the correct AC unit for your home can be a daunting and confusing task with so many brands, efficiency ratings and sizes available to you. With all of these options most people just choose the biggest unit available to them for installation, but this is not always the best option as oversized units can cause major issues with your home. Below you will discover some of the most common oversized air conditioner problems in Phoenix and what you can do to combat the issues.

Short Cycles of Oversized HVAC Air Conditioner Units

When the big number on your indoor thermostat becomes the same as the small number, the AC unit clicks on and starts to cool your house. When the AC unit clicks on and starts to blow cold air throughout your house, but stops too quickly, that is known as short cycling. Short cycling causes an imbalance of temperatures in your home and will eventually lead to the overworking of your AC unit. If your AC unit is working too hard on a regular basis, what will that lead to? (Remember I asked you that!)

Large Temperature Variations in Home

Oversized air conditioner units start and stop more frequently than a small one would. The larger units come with larger fans which do an impressive job at cooling your house quickly, but it does not give the unit a chance to tend to the water in the air caused by humidity. The house continues to be cold in some places, and cold and wet in other places.

If this environment continues regularly, the result will be large amounts of mold in places that you could not begin to think about, bad smells and other problems in your home. This article on air conditioning capacity offers a great insight on what takes place when you have an oversized AC unit, and maybe what you should have instead.

Shorter Life Expectancy

Remember the question I asked you earlier in regards to your AC unit problems? “If your AC unit is working too hard on a regular basis what will that lead to?” Well, if you answered with something like “it will die faster,” you were spot on. Just like a lightbulb that you keep flicking on and off dies quicker than one that is allowed to stay running for a moderate amount of time, AC units follow that same essential law. According to, most AC units last between 15-20 years. With some room for possible leeway, it wouldn’t be surprising if an AC unit working too hard lasts only about five years of its estimated lifespan.

What to Do with Oversized Air Conditioner Problems in Phoenix

There are a number of highly trained and efficient Phoenix Arizona HVAC maintenance technicians available to assist you in repairing an AC unit in Arizona. Moreover, not only can they help you in repairing problems that you have with your existing AC units, but they are also well qualified to help you decide which size unit is best for your house, and for your wallet.


Contact the AC repair experts in Phoenix at Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing to get your air conditioner back up and running. Email us or call (602) 661-9350 now!


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