Most Frequently Purchased Heating Systems in Phoenix Arizona

Heating System in PhoenixIf you had to guess which type of heating system in Phoenix is replaced more frequently than others – which one would you choose? Would you choose a heat-pump  perhaps, maybe central heat or a furnace unit? The truth is that each of these types of heating systems can last a very long time – or they can break down very soon. There are many contributing factors to extending the life of your heating systems in Phoenix – and there are just as many benefits to each specific type of system.

Here are some of the most efficient heating systems in Phoenix that home owners are choosing to install.

Heat Pumps In Phoenix

One of the more popular replacement systems in Phoenix are heat pump units. A heat pump is basically an all-in-one comfort system that is designed to keep your home at a consistent temperature around the clock. It uses thermal heat provided by the earth below your home to circulate heat or cold through your house. This method of keeping your home at a consistent temperature is very energy efficient.

However, a heat pump is one of the more expensive units which make it appear less attractive due to rising heating system costs in Phoenix. However, just like any other large volume purchase, you often get better long-term value and results with a heat pump as opposed to having two separate cooling and heating systems. The best solution is to speak with an authorized HVAC Contractor in Phoenix about the benefits of this type of heating system.

Central Heating Unit In Phoenix

A central heating system is also growing in popularity. These electric heating systems are designed to keep you warm and toasty during those cold winter nights in Phoenix. However, as their name implies, a central heating unit that is electrically powered can often increase your energy bills during the winter months. To offset the extra expense, manufacturers of heating units are coming up with better and more efficient heating units that use less energy.

Taking time to replace your indoor filters every month is also a proactive way to reduce monthly energy costs of this type of heating systems in Phoenix.

Furnaces In Phoenix

The furnace is slowly beginning to fade away in regards to being a replacement system. However, there are many residential areas that still use natural gas or oil to power their furnaces. And, just like any new system being made these days, manufacturers are beginning to focus on value and energy efficiency – making sure that the cost of ownership and operation is as low as possible. If you have a furnace system inside your home now, you might want to consider talking with your local HVAC provider about upgrading to a new heating system – or picking a new furnace that is much more energy efficient.

Regardless of what type of heating systems in Phoenix you choose as your replacement unit, the best way to save money on any heating unit is to work with a dependable heating contractor in Phoenix. Good heating companies will make sure your system is installed correctly and that you only buy a system that will efficiently keep your home warm.

Finding the right company for your Heating or AC installation is critical! Work with one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Phoenix, Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing! Call (602) 661-9350 today.

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