Top 4 Most Common Toilet Problems Phoenix Homeowners Face

Most Common Toilet ProblemsEven as technology has advanced through the years, plumbing equipment manufacturers still have yet to invent the trouble free toilet. No matter how proactive you might be, toilet problems ranging from slow, hard to find water leaks to those clogged up toilets that seem to pick the most inconvenient time to act up will eventually occur at your home or office.

Noted below are four of the most common toilet problems that Phoenix area home and business owners tend to experience during the winter months.

#4 – Water Trickling into the Bowl – aka The “Phantom Flush”

Although this might seem to be the title of a Steven King movie, the reality is that the dreaded Phantom Flush is a reality that many Phoenix residents deal with on a routine basis. There are some times when you might hear your toilet begin to spontaneously refill; as if somebody just flushed the toilet. This problem is caused by a very slow leak that moves from the toilet tank to the basin or bowl. In most cases it’s caused by a bad flapper or flapper seat; which is commonly the first toilet component to wear out. If you experience the Phantom Flush, don’t call the Ghostbusters; check and clean the flapper seat or replace it if it’s damaged.

#3 – The Disappearing Water Trick – The Toilet Bowl Empties Slowly

Even legendary magician David Copperfield might be mystified by what causes water to disappear from the toilet bowl. In most cases, water is slowly removed from the bowl by an obstruction of toilet paper that is clogged in the colon-section of the toilet bowl. This happens frequently in homes with children that seem to use an entire roll of toilet paper. It could also be caused by other objects falling or being inserted into the toilet that should not be; such as paper towels or feminine napkins. The solution here is to either plunge the obstruction from the pipe or inspect the bowl for signs of cracks; which might also cause this issue to appear.

#2 – The Partial Flush

Although many children might think this issue is caused by the ‘toilet creature’, the reality is that a strong but partial flush is typically caused by a flapper that might be lowering too quickly. In some cases, it’s caused by the chain attached to the handle that has broken or is adjusted too loosely. If this issue is something you’ve noticed on your toilets, try adjusting the chain or replace the flapper and the chain at the same time; to ensure your toilet not only flushes strong and efficiently; but also saves you on water usage.

…and the #1 most common toilet bowl issue that impacts Phoenix area homes and businesses is….

#1 – The Dreaded Overflowing Toilet

This is the one that can simply ruin a holiday; but also cause serious water damage to your home as well. In most cases, overflowing toilets are caused by a worse-case scenario where a blockage and defect in the toilet tanks float work together to create a nightmare situation. The float is designed to regulate water flow. As water builds up inside the toilet as controlled by the float, a blockage keeps excess water from escaping; until eventually it spills over. If the float doesn’t stop the flow of water, it will leak until either the water supply is shut off, or the float is shut off manually.

The best way to avoid the overflowing toilet and other common toilet issues that always seem to pop up at the wrong time, is to routinely have your toilet float and other critical parts serviced by a professional local Phoenix plumber who can make sure everything I working as it should be.

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