3 Signs You Need a Mainline and Toilet Drain Cleaning

inline and toilet drain cleaningThere are many common plumbing maintenance tasks that you could schedule for your home. However, one of the most important that many people aren’t aware of is a cleaning your toilet drain and mainline. As most concerned homeowners know, ignoring these important maintenance tasks can result in big plumbing problems and expensive future repairs.

If you’ve never scheduled a mainline or toilet drain cleaning before, then it’s important to learn a few signs that you need these vital services. Here are three warning signs that you need mainline and toilet drain cleaning so that you can prevent major plumbing problems in the future.

Chronic Backups

One of the most frustrating experiences that you can have as a homeowner is having the toilets in your home chronically backup. Although there are a variety of causes for a backed up toilet, frequent backups are often caused by an issue in your mainline or toilet drain.

If you’ve had your toilet snaked and have used powerful drain cleaners but are still experiencing backups, then you need to be sure to call a professional plumbing service to schedule a mainline and toilet drain cleaning. Your toilets may be backing up due to clogs in these two areas of your plumbing system, and if these clogs aren’t removed as soon as possible it can result in more serious problems with your plumbing down the line.

Damage to Your Pipes

Because the majority of the pipes in a plumbing system are located under the ground, most homeowners assume that they are safe from damage. While this is usually true, there is one big risk to your mainline that you might not have considered: Trees. If your yard has multiple trees, it’s possible for the root system of these trees to expand to the point that they affect your pipe system and cause mainline plumbing issues.

Tree roots can easily damage the pipes in your plumbing system, including your mainline and toilet drain. During your mainline and toilet drain cleaning, your plumbing professional can check your pipes for root damage and can help you to fix this issue to preserve the long-term health of your home’s plumbing system.

A Lack of Cleanout Access

If you’ve ever researched your plumbing system in the past, then you may have come across the term ‘plumbing cleanout’. A plumbing cleanout is a point where plumbers can easily access your main sewer line in order to push through serious clogs that cannot be eliminated through more traditional means.

Unfortunately, if you live in an older home with an older plumbing system, you might not have cleanout access. This means that the only way to eliminate major clogs in your plumbing system is with a mainline and toilet drain cleaning. Your plumber will use this method to unclog your plumbing system and may be able to offer you advice for updating your plumbing system so that you can install cleanout access.

If you’re interested in scheduling a mainline and toilet drain cleaning for your home, then you need to find plumbing services in Phoenix Arizona. An experienced plumbing technician will be able to effectively clean your mainline and toilet drain and fix any other issues with your plumbing system.

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