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Top-Rated, Dependable Lennox Dealer In Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona

lennox dealer in phoenixWhen Dave Lennox introduced his unique cooling and heating systems in the late 1800’s people believed he was out of his mind. But, nearly 120 years later, Lennox has become a leading brand of energy efficient air conditioning and heating systems that are sold and installed in the Phoenix metro area. And for several years, Phoenix area home and commercial owners have depended on the preferred Lennox dealer in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ, Hays Cooling & Heating, to install and service their Lennox systems.

Lennox Dedication to Innovation

Lennox has established a legacy based on innovation. They were the first company to introduce the riveted-steel furnace in 1895. And today, they are the manufacturers of some of the most energy efficient systems that have all received Energy Star® ratings. They have set a standard for home comfort by introducing over 60-different models of cooling systems alone – each one tailor-fit to meet the needs of each specific building they cool. Each Lennox system is professionally installed and serviced by Hays Cooling & Heating – and we’re proud to be an authorized supplier of quality Lennox systems.

Lennox AC Systems Lead Efficiency

Not only has Lennox built a solid tradition of introducing innovated products in both the cooling and heating space, but they also lead the pack in efficiency. Through years of research and development, and most importantly; listening to the needs and input of their customers, Lennox has been able to construct some of the most energy efficient systems made today. From their revolutionary Ultimate Comfort System® to their introductory and affordable individual cooling and heating systems; every Lennox product is designed to streamline efficiency – while delivering maximum comfort.

Lennox HVAC unit Phoenix

Setting a Standard for Value

It’s often believed that in order for an air conditioner to be ‘good’ it needs to be expensive. However, nothing is further to being true. In fact, Lennox systems have been considered some of the most affordable air conditioning units sold today. There are many reasons for this, but when it comes down to simplicity, the primary reason is due to simplicity.

Lennox uses nothing but the highest quality materials in every product they manufacture. And they are assembled by professionals using the most innovated technology to ensure product quality. However, they find a way to pass the savings onto the most important element of any major appliance – the customer.

Lennox has truly set the standard when it comes to new air conditioners and heating units manufactured today. And through the years, our company has been proud to service, repair and install these professionally built systems.

No matter what type of HVAC service, repair or installation you require – the team at Hays Cooling & Heating has a dependable and affordable solution. We welcome all comments, questions and concerns you might have about any of the Lennox products, parts, service or maintenance program we offer. Contact us today to learn how the leading Phoenix Lennox air conditioning professionals at Hays Cooling & Heating can offer you a dependable and affordable HVAC service solution with Lennox air conditioning and heating systems powering your home or commercial office today.

Hays Cooling & Heating is a certified Lennox Dealer in Phoenix and Scottsdale (ROC# 167098)

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