Leaking Garbage Disposal [3 Common Causes]

leaking garbage disposalAs a homeowner, there’s almost nothing more frustrating than water leaking from your garbage disposal and not knowing the cause. In addition to causing a mess in your kitchen, a leaky garbage disposal can mean not being able to use your kitchen sink for an extended period of time, which is a headache that many homeowners don’t want to even consider.

If you’re concerned about a leaky garbage disposal, it’s important to examine some of the common causes and learn about potential fixes. Here are a few common causes of a leaking garbage disposal and information about how you can address them quickly and effectively.

Check Your Sink Flange

When you notice a garbage disposal leaking, the most common culprit is an issue with the sink flange. The sink flange is the top most portion of your garbage disposal and is the piece that is directly connected to your sink drain. When the sink flange connection is loose, it can easily cause a water leak from the garbage disposal.

The easiest way to fix a leaky sink flange is to make sure that the mounting bolts are connected securely. If even one of the mounting bolts becomes loose or strips, the result is almost always a leaky garbage disposal. Another sink flange issue to examine is the integrity of the plumber’s putty. Over time, plumber’s putty can fail, and you will need to replace it before you can stop your garbage disposal from leaking.

Tighten the Dishwasher Connection

Depending on the setup of your kitchen, it’s possible that your garbage disposal is connected to a dishwasher unit. If you have a dishwasher that is connected to your garbage disposal, the cause of your leak may be a problem with the link between these two pieces of equipment.

Most likely, the clamp that connects to your garbage disposal to your dishwasher has loosened, and re-securing the clamp should fix your leak. However, it’s also possible that the line connecting your disposal to your dishwasher has cracked, and if so, then you will need to completely replace the water line before your leak will stop. Check the connection between your dishwasher and your disposal and you’ll be able to fix the majority of leaks.

Examine the Discharge Pipe

The very bottom of your garbage disposal unit will be attached to drain of your sink. Just like the upper portion, the lower portion of your disposal will be connected to the drain with a flange and plumber’s putty. An issue with either of these two items can easily cause your garbage disposal to leak and cause a wet mess in your kitchen.

If you’ve checked the sink flange and the dishwasher connection and your disposal is still leaking, examine the discharge pipe, making sure the lower flange is secure and that your plumber’s putty is intact.

If you’ve checked the common causes of a leaky garbage disposal and can’t find the issue, you may need garbage disposal repair services in Phoenix. A professional plumber will have the knowledge necessary to inspect your garbage disposal, identify the source of the leak and fix it effectively and affordably.


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