Best Quality Kitchen Faucets [Shopping Guide]

kitchen faucetsAs a homeowner, you want to make sure that your home is as attractive and functional as possible. While there are a variety of projects that you could choose to achieve this goal, your best option is to install new faucets in your home. Installing new faucets can completely transform the look of your home, providing you the exciting aesthetic that you need and deserve.

However, before you can install your new faucets, there are a few things you need to consider, including how you’ll be able to get the most bang for your buck. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the highest quality kitchen faucets and advice for planning your kitchen faucet installation.

Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pull-down kitchen faucets are a consistently popular choice for homeowners that want the ideal blend between form and function. While there are many excellent pull-down faucets on the market today, the only one that you should consider is the Delta 9178-AR-DST. From one of the most trusted faucet manufacturers in the world, this amazing Delta faucet provides you with the top-end functionality that you want.

When you choose this faucet, you’ll be getting access to numerous excellent features, including 360-degree swivel movement and MagnaTite Docking. A smooth appearance and great ease of use make this Delta faucet the best pull-down model you could choose.


Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

If you’re the type of homeowner who’s looking for the sleekest faucet possible, there’s no better option than a pullout faucet. Out of the variety of excellent pull out faucets that you could install in your home, perhaps the best choice is the Kraus KPF-2110. This incredible faucet is both easy to use and extremely attractive, a win-win when it comes to pullout faucets.

This faucet provides features that include durable brass construction, a single lever for hot and cold and 120-degree movement.


Best Industrial Kitchen Faucet

For some homes, kitchen faucets need to be tough as well as visually pleasing, which means you might be thinking about installing an industrial faucet. If so, then the best faucet for you is the Kraus KPF-1602. One of the best reasons to choose the KPF-1602 is being able to take advantage of its dual spot system, providing you with a high level of versatility.

With flexible 360-degree movement, two center-mounted levers for hot and cold and a pull-down spray head with stand, there’s no better industrial faucet on the market.


Best Touchless Faucet

If you’re the type of homeowner that always wants to be on the cutting edge of technology, a great choice is installing a touchless faucet, particularly the Moen 7594ESRS Arbor with Motionsense. One the premier faucets available today, the Moen Arbor can be activated with a simple wave of the hand, allowing to use your faucet even when your hands are full.

Other features included with this faucet include a stainless finish that resists fingerprints, a pull-down head with Reflex technology and a clean, slick look.


Best Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

For many homeowners, the best type of kitchen provides a classic look, which is a great reason to install a two handle faucet like the Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison Two Handle Faucet. With two handles, one for hot and one for cold, and separate spray head, this faucet will give your kitchen a classic look that you’ll be sure to love.


Once you’ve chosen the right faucet for your home, make sure to schedule your installation with a licensed plumber in Phoenix. An experienced plumber can help you plan your installation and may even be able to help you choose your perfect faucet.


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