Improper Installation of Wi-fi Thermostats Is A Problem

By // 2014.09.16

Improper Installation of Wifi ThermostatsImproper Installation of Wi-Fi Thermostats by Cable and Security Companies

Did you know that an improperly installed WiFi Thermostat could lead to significant issues for homeowners in the Phoenix Valley? From increases in energy bills to complete system breakdown, a recent outbreak in poorly installed programmable thermostats by inexperienced cable and security technicians are causing more problems than they should. There are several reasons for this.

Why An HVAC Specialist Should Always Install Anything Related To HVAC

First – Lack Of Proper Training Leads To Several Improper Installations Of Wi-Fi Thermostats

It’s often assumed that if you have basic knowledge about electrical components you can pretty much install anything electronic inside a house. This statement holds true when the piece of electronic equipment is not specialized. However, programmable thermostats are very detailed systems that require extensive training directly from the manufacturer and a complete understanding of the HVAC system they operate.

Sadly, many cable and security companies have begun to offer programmable thermostat sales and installations as an extra service for creating ‘smart homes’. Most of these companies have their technicians take a quick one-hour training class on how to install these systems.

Lacking from these training courses includes:

  • Detailed instructions on how to install programmable WiFi thermostats for specific HVAC systems. Contrary to popular belief, not all HVAC systems are created equal. In fact, every manufacturer, type, style and size of AC or heating system requires specific types of thermostats, wiring, and set up procedures to be completed. This experience is often gained through years of practical, on-the-job training.
  • No instruction on emergency situations. A common problem with HVAC thermostat installation is that they don’t always go ‘by the book’. This is when an experienced HVAC technician has the practical knowledge to adapt to changes and properly install, calibrate and test the unit.

Second – Only Experienced HVAC Professionals Should Install Programmable Thermostats

Due to the reasons listed above, and many more, it’s is advised and recommended by many manufacturers of most programmable thermostats to have authorized and highly trained installers of HVAC systems install a programmable thermostat inside your home, RV or business location.  Although there are many programmable thermostats that can be Do-It-Yourself replacement jobs (of a similar or exactly same system), when you trade or upgrade your HVAC unit’s thermostat to a programmable WiFi thermostat, there are fine tune adjustments that HVAC professionals will use to ensure your entire comfort system is operating at peak efficiency.

Calibration Of The Entire Cooling And Heating System

The way that a programmable thermostat works is that it monitors the temperature inside several zones inside your home. These temperature sensors ‘speak’ to each other and send signals to the thermostat to make adjustments as needed. This precise calibration is something that HVAC professionals know how to do and consider ‘routine’.

Fine-Tuning Adjustments Of Thermostats

Once the temperature sensors have been adjusted to the new thermostat, the next step that often goes unchecked by security and cable companies is to adjust the actual temperature controls of the HVAC system. This fully calibrates your home comfort system to achieve peak energy efficiency. Failure to complete this step can actually cause more energy consumption leading to higher monthly energy bills, which is the exact opposite purpose of having ‘smart’ technology thermostats in the first place.

The bottom line is simple: if you have any system or part that impacts your home or office HVAC system, have a professional HVAC company complete the installation. It will reduce the chances of having improper installation of WiFi thermostats, increase overall effectiveness of your system and allow these great thermostats to operate as they were intended.

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