What To Expect With An HVAC Installation In Anthem

hvac installation in AnthemOne of the biggest questions about HVAC installation in Anthem that homeowners have is what to expect during the replacement process. The primary reason for this is due to the fact that many HVAC companies simply don’t take the time to be transparent about the process and steps that are a part of the complete installation process of any new AC system.

Four Steps To A Proper HVAC Installation In Anthem

Step #1 – Receive A Consultation For Load Calculation

The first step when preparing to install a new HVAC system inside any home is having a load calculation completed. This process is critical for the successful installation of any new unit for several reasons:

  • A load calculation will consider several factors to determine that the unit you’ve purchased is the right sized system for your home. Only when a professional HVAC company in Anthem completes this step can you be 100 percent certain that the unit you’ve purchased will keep your home cool but also energy efficient.
  • Load calculations also verify that your entire HVAC system is functional. The reason for this is because if one part of the entire system is not working properly, from leaky ductwork to poor electrical or plumbing, the entire system will not function correctly.
  • A load calculation will also determine a genuine price quote. Only after this process is complete can you expect to receive detailed pricing of every service that needs to be completed during an HVAC installation in Anthem.

Step #2 – Set Up The Appointment To Pick A System

Once the load calculation has been completed, the HVAC company will make sure you have the right information in order to pick the right sized HVAC unit for your Anthem home or office space. They should take the time to meet with you – traditionally at their office location, to discover your options based on the load calculation findings. This will include important information such as:

  • What type of system is best for your overall comfort
  • What type of system and size is best for energy efficiency
  • What brand or model is best suited for your applications, needs and budget

It is very important that you have all the right information so you can make a sound decision.

Step #3 – The Installation Appointment

Once you’ve picked the right unit, the next step is to have the actual new system installed. This will include several small steps including:

  • Removal of the previous system
  • Inspection of all electrical, plumbing, ductwork and other elements involved in the HVAC system
  • Installing new or replacement fittings to make sure the new unit is properly activated
  • Installing the new HVAC system
  • Testing the HVAC system for function and efficiency as well as fine-tuning and checking for any leaks

After this step has been completed, the last and most important step is critical to ensure you receive the best value possible.

Step #4 – Follow Up

No matter how great an HVAC Company claims to be at installing new HVAC systems in Anthem, if they don’t check their work shortly after the installation is complete, you’ll be missing out on a great service. A good HVAC business will take the time to contact you a week or so after the job was completed to verify that you don’t have any issues with your system. Sometimes new units will build up a lot of humidity or need some fine-tuning adjustments in order to work efficiently. Regardless of who you hire, make sure that any HVAC company you intend to hire for HVAC installation in Anthem provides these four steps to ensure you receive the best possible service.

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