How To Maintain Air Conditioner Efficiency In Phoenix AZ

Air Conditioner EfficiencyComing up with affordable methods of saving electricity are a challenge for many Phoenix Valley residents and business owners. However, one of the easiest ways of saving money on electricity is by increasing air conditioner efficiency in Phoenix. When an AC system is running smooth it is estimated that it can save as much as 30% on monthly consumption of resources. And in the end that can add up to huge financial savings.

Three Easy Ways To Increase Your AC System Efficiency In Phoenix

First – Change Those Filters Monthly

It’s very likely that if you’ve lived in Phoenix long enough, you are very familiar with the location of AC filters at your local hardware store. We live in a dusty town the filters inside our homes that filter air to and from the AC unit tend to get dirty quickly. However, did you know that if these filters are not changed out frequently it can lead to premature wear and tear, poor indoor air quality, and most importantly, significant loss in energy efficiency?

It’s true. In fact, it’s estimated by the US Department of Energy that simply changing indoor filters in warm, dry, desert communities like Phoenix can increase the efficiency of your AC unit by as much as 30%. We recommend changing your indoor filters once per month. If you don’t have time or the resources to do it yourself, contact your local HVAC service professional in Phoenix and ask about their routine maintenance programs that they offer.

Second – Have Your Thermostat Calibrated Before Summer

Another leading cause of energy drain for AC systems in Phoenix is thermostats that are improperly set. Whether this is due to somebody making personal adjustments to the AC temperature or if the thermostat has been accidentally hit or bumped, it’s quite common for thermostats to fall out of calibration. When the thermostat isn’t set correctly, or if the unit is sending incorrect data to the AC system, it can lead to serious problems.

The solution here is to schedule a routine service call before the summer heat arrives. Typically, during this maintenance visit, a HVAC contractor in Phoenix will calibrate your thermostat. Why is this important for energy efficiency? If the thermostat ‘thinks’ that it’s 79 degrees inside, but in fact it’s 73 degrees inside and your thermostat setting is 73 degrees or above, it will continue to power the AC system. This is a waste of energy – plus can be very hard on your entire HVAC system.

Third – Have Your Ductwork Inspected Annually

The final step to increase air conditioning efficiency is to have your ductwork inspected on an annual basis. Typically, professional HVAC companies will offer specials on ductwork cleaning and inspections during the late fall or early spring. This is a prime opportunity to have a professional check to see if your ducts are leaking air. It has been suggested by the Department of Energy that leaking ductwork can cause you to lose between 40-60% of the cool air circulated into your home. That’s a huge loss of efficiency, so make sure you have the ductwork inspected at least once per year to reduce this chance.

When you follow these three rules for maximizing air conditioning efficiency in Phoenix, your ability to keep your home cool and energy bills low significantly increases. Remember to always take time to ask questions about your specific type of HVAC system to your dependable HVAC maintenance company in Phoenix. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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