How to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System in Scottsdale AZ

By // 2015.09.22

how to extend the life of your hvac systemFinding affordable ways of extending equipment life is important regardless of where you live. For people living in Scottsdale, the search for learning how to extend the life of your HVAC system can save you thousands of dollars. With this being said, there are a few simple – and cost-effective things that any homeowner can do to extend the life of your AC unit – and also reduce monthly expenses at the same time.

First – Don’t Overwork Your HVAC System Components

The number one cause of premature equipment breakdown is when they are overworked. However, how do you define overworked in the first place? Typically the best way to reduce this problem is to make sure your AC system can do two easy things:

  • Efficiently cool your home
  • Maintain a consistent temperature
  • When you turn your AC unit off then back on it seriously reduces the above two things from happening. It also causes your HVAC components to work harder to achieve desired results. The best solution is to keep your AC on automatic setting around the clock and maintain a cool yet comfortable temperature.

    Second – Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

    Keeping your AC turned on and running smooth is a great way to extend equipment life, but regular maintenance is a critical component as well. It’s recommended that homeowners in Scottsdale should have their AC inspected at least once per year. This inspection will ensure all moving parts are properly lubricated, that any worn out parts are replaced and that any fluids or coolant levels are maintained, leaks fixed and all hoses and belts inspected and tightened.

    This easy tune-up can reduce up to 90% of all typical AC repairs when scheduled on a regular basis. Take time to set up an annual HVAC maintenance program with a certified HVAC contractor in Scottsdale.

    Third – Replace Dirty Filters Often

    The easiest thing for homeowners to do that can extend HVAC equipment life is replacing their indoor air filters frequently. Most of these filters are available at Home Depot, Walmart, Target stores and only cost a few dollars per unit. However, by replacing them every month, you can reduce the drag of air that needs to smoothly flow through the entire HVAC system. This allows the cooling units to cool efficiently and the heating systems to work easier as well.

    However, what you may not know is that this simple task can also save you up to 30% on your monthly energy bill. When a HVAC system is free of obstructions and dirty air; it uses less energy to produce your desired results.

    These three tips are the best ways that homeowners in Scottsdale can extend the life of their air conditioning and heating units all year long. Take time to contact a local HVAC expert in Scottsdale and ask them about the service programs that they offer.


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