Best Home Heating Options in Phoenix for the Winter Months

home heating options in phoenixDue to the temperate climate we enjoy in the Valley of the Sun, talking about home heating options in Phoenix is not a popular topic. However, the fact remains that it can – and often does; get very cold during the winter months in the Phoenix Valley. Whether you have a townhome in Scottsdale or live in a single-family home in Gilbert, the reality exists that having a properly functional home heating system if critical for comfort and for the health and well-being of the homes occupants.

If you have a home heating unit that is needs to be replaced – or if you’re building a new home and looking for the right type of system, here are a few tips that will explain the differences between gas and electric heating systems so you can make an informed decision as which one is best suited for you.

How to Decide What System Is Right for my Home

If you have a home heating system now; what type of unit do you have? Many homes built in Phoenix have depended on gas-powered home heating furnaces for decades. The primary reason for this was due to the fact that natural gas was fairly affordable and was a good fuel source for heating up a home quickly. If you have a gas unit and like the way it was working – or how long it worked for you in the past; it’s probably a good idea to keep the same type of unit as your replacement furnace.

This same methodology applies to discussing the benefits of keeping an electric-powered heating system. The newer electric heating systems manufactured today are all Energy Star® rated by the US Department of Energy. This means they require less energy to produce the same, quality results. The conversion from an older electric system to a new natural gas unit is not difficult – especially if your home has existing gas lines. However, if you’re happy with your electric heater and the way it keeps your home in Phoenix warm during those cold winter evenings and early mornings, it’s quite acceptable to upgrade to a newer electric system.

Comparisons Between Electric and Gas

There are multiple similarities between electric heating systems and gas powered units.

  • Both units are triggered on by a thermostat inside the home. This critical component of the home comfort system (used in AC as well during the summer), is typically the number one part that leads to inefficient heating of a home. It’s a good idea to install a new thermostat anytime you install a new heating unit.
  • Newer gas powered and electric powered heating units sold in Phoenix are very energy efficient. Homeowners typically notice a change in their monthly energy bills immediately after upgrading their older system with a new Energy Star® rated unit.
  • They are both relatively easy to install; however, it’s always best to work with a Phoenix home heating company to professionally install and test your new system.
  • Difference Between Electric and Gas

    Along with having some similarities, there are multiple differences to consider when choosing between these two types of heating units.

  • Maintenance: both of these systems require routine service in order to keep them running smooth and efficiently. An electrical unit typically has more moving parts that require frequent service and can be more costly to maintain over a period of years.
  • Efficiency: gas heating systems typically can heat a home quicker than an electric system – however, this is based on multiple items such as the location of the heating system, the ductwork and the quality of the vents inside the house.
  • Cost of Operation: there was a time not too long ago when gas systems were cheaper to operate each month. However, with the inconsistency of gas pricing across the globe – and the improvements made to energy efficiency in electrical powered systems, the growing trend is a shift to electric furnace systems.
  • Regardless of what type of unit you choose, the most important thing to remember is that quality installation can be the difference between a long-lasting, efficient running system and one that breaks down frequently. Always take time to consider the facts and pick a system that is best suited for your individual needs.


    Selecting the right home heating option for Phoenix winter months can de time consuming. Work with one of the most trusted HVAC companies in Phoenix, Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing! Call (602) 661-9350 today.

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