Furnace Maintenance Checklist for Phoenix Homeowners

furnace maintenance checklistIf you’ve started to notice that the furnace in your Phoenix home isn’t functioning at its normal level, then you might be worried about the need for a repair. However, if you’ve never had to schedule repairs for your furnace before, it can be hard to know which component is causing the issues, which can also make it difficult to know if you need minor or major repairs.

Fortunately, with the right tips, you can examine the major parts of your furnace to ensure continued functioning and to see if you need repairs. Here is a furnace maintenance checklist for Phoenix homeowners so that you can get peace of mind when your furnace stops working the way you need.

Making Sure Your Thermostat is Functioning

Perhaps the most important part of your furnace is the thermostat, which is the control center of your heating system. If you find your furnace is not effectively heating your home, check to make sure your thermostat is functional. Should your furnace not respond to thermostat adjustments, it could mean there is a problem with the wiring connection between these two components.

Keep Your Parts Lubricated

A furnace, like every major system in your home, requires several moving parts to function properly. Over time, the lubrication of these parts will dissipate, causing wear, tear and an eventual breakdown. An important part of maintaining your furnace is to ensure that all its moving parts have the right level of lubrication so that they function correctly.

Examine Your Electrical Connections

When your furnace won’t turn on no matter how much you adjust your thermostat, one of the likely culprits is a problem with the electrical connections. If no power is going to your furnace, it won’t be able to turn on. Check the breaker that your furnace is on, and make sure that all electrical connections are secure.

Check Your Components

One of the most common heating problems that homeowners notice about their furnace is air failing to blow when the furnace is one. If you’re experiencing this issue, then one of the most important regular furnace maintenance tasks you can do is to check your blower components. Make sure that your blower components are working and respond when your furnace is turned on.

Switch Out Your Air Filters

A highly important component in your furnace’s continued functioning is maintaining your air filters. When an air filter becomes blocked, it restricts airflow and reduces the efficiency of your furnaces. You should regularly check the air filters in your home, cleaning them when necessary and replacing them every six months or so. This will ensure optimal furnace performance and a higher quality of air in your home.

Do You Have a Gas Furnace?

If you have a gas furnace instead of an electrical furnace, there are a few other maintenance tasks that you should perform. First, you need to make sure that your gas connection is correctly hooked up and that your gas pressure is at its proper level. Next, examine the burner combustion to make sure that it is functional. Finally, check the heat exchanger and make sure that it is not suffering any issues that could be contributing to your furnace malfunction.

To get help with your furnace maintenance checklist, you should schedule a full furnace check-up from local HVAC technicians in Phoenix AZ. Your technician will go through every maintenance item to check for problems and needed repairs.


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