3 Questions to Ask Before a Furnace Installation in Phoenix

furnace installation in phoenixOne of the major headaches that a homeowner in Phoenix has, is having to call the furnace repair company when they can least afford to. This situation occurs way too frequently for many of us. However, if you need to have a new furnace installation in Phoenix completed there are a few questions that should be asked of any furnace contractor that will clarify any miscommunication issues and ensure you get the right system at the right price.

Here are four questions that you should ask the HVAC contractor in Phoenix when you’re in the market for a new furnace.

First – What Should I Expect During the Installation Process?

Buying a replacement furnace is pretty simple for homeowners in Phoenix. But one thing that is not commonly known is the process of installing a new system inside a home. Traditionally, the installation process for replacing an older system is rather simple:

  • First, the homeowner will work with the furnace installation company in Phoenix to pick a replacement system that is more energy efficient and will provide the homeowner with a dependable system for years.
  • Second, after buying the replacement system, the homeowner will coordinate a time for the HVAC contractor to visit their home to complete a pre-installation check. This is often recommended by HVAC contractors to ensure that the home and all other heating elements; such as heating ductwork , thermostats and electrical or gas systems are working well.
  • After everything is set and inspected, the HVAC contractor will then complete the installation. Typically this can last as little as one hour or as much as 5 to 8 (depending on the complexity of the furnace replacement.)
  • Once the system has been successfully installed, the contractor will fully test the system; to verify there are no system leaks, and that the unit works in conjunction with all support systems.

Always ask the heating repair company in Phoenix what you should expect to have an installation completed before you sign on the dotted line.

Second – What Time Will the Installation Be Completed?

Typically a professional HVAC contractor in Phoenix will work with your schedule to have the replacement of your older furnace completed. They understand that your schedule is very busy and due to work, school, kids and other personal obligations; arranging time to have this completed can be complex. However, here is something to consider. The best way to prevent a problem with a furnace is to allow the HVAC contractor ample time to complete the installation without being rushed. Always communicate with your heating contractor and clarify what time, what day and how much time is expected to professionally complete this type of furnace installation. By being proactive about this, you can prepare and plan your day much better.

Third – What is the Experience of the Furnace Replacement Company?

Nobody wants to hire somebody that can’t be trusted to complete any home improvement project. However, when you’re working with your furnace, it’s critical to retain the services of a professional that has vast experience in furnace installation in Phoenix. Feel free to ask any potential contractor about their experience with the specific brand of furnace you are purchasing, what type of references they can provide and also what type of warranty or maintenance options they offer.

The best contractors in Phoenix will be more than happy to be completely transparent about their history, experience and often will customize a service plan that will meet your budget and ensure your furnace lasts for a very long time.


Do you have unanswered questions about furnace installation? Let the experts at Hays Cooling Heating & Plumbing guide you through installing a new furnace this winter. It Pays To Call Hays! (602) 661-9350

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