Find the Best Heating and Cooling Contractors in Cave Creek

cave creek heating and coolingIf you have a heating unit that is making a funny sound or a cooling system that doesn’t keep your home cool – it’s likely that you’ve got an HVAC problem. However, with so many heating and cooling contractors in Cave Creek to choose from – how and where to do you begin the search? Not to mention, once you narrow your list down to a few good contractors – how can you tell if they are the best people for the job; especially if you need to buy a new system? Fortunately, there are three simple things you can do to make sure that any Cave Creek HVAC company is looking out for your best interests and not their own pocketbook.

3 Easy To Follow Tips For Identifying Quality HVAC Contractors in Cave Creek AZ

Tip #1 – Ask the Cave Creek HVAC Dealers about Maintenance Specials

If your old HVAC system has kicked the bucket and you need to purchase a new system, you’ll have to get a new one installed by a good HVAC contractor. There are many different types of heating and cooling systems – and just as many contractors that are more qualified to install each type of unit. However, one way you can save money and ensure your system runs strong from the moment you have it installed is by asking the contractors about maintenance programs they offer customers.

For example – if you purchase a new furnace from a Cave Creek furnace dealer; ask them whether or not they offer routine service or maintenance agreement programs? If a contractor is willing to offer you discounted service to keep your unit running strong around the clock – that’s a good sign of them looking out for your best interests. If they don’t offer a maintenance program – stay away.

Tip #2 – Work with Contractors that Have Solid Reputations in Cave Creek

They say that word of mouth advertising is the most honest form of marketing since positive (or negative) feedback from actual consumers often tells the truth about a company. However, sometimes individuals can ‘spin’ service (especially if they didn’t feel it was exceptional) to make it the contractors fault. It’s for this reason that you should check with local agencies, like the Better Business Bureau to see if the Cave Creek AZ AC dealer that you plan on working with is legit.

Tip #3 – Only Work with Licensed and Insured Cave Creek HVAC Dealers

After you’ve checked out the contractor background and their standing with the BBB, make sure that their certifications, licenses and insurance is up to date – and that you are fully protected against any damages that might occur during your installation job. Believe it or not, there are several Cave Creek HVAC Contractors that don’t carry basic insurance. Always take the time to triple check with the company about their credentials and always cover yourself from potential issues.

When in doubt, always work with heating and cooling contractors in Cave Creek that you can trust, which are always honest to you and will stand by the quality of their work.


Looking for a reliable heating and cooling company in Cave Creek to assist with HVAC service, repair or installation? Call Hay Cooling & Heating at 60-714-8270 to work with a A+ rated, family owned business focused on your needs!

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