FAQs About Air Conditioning Installation in North Phoenix

Air Conditioning Installation North PhoenixFinding a dependable air conditioning installation company in North Phoenix can be complex due to the simple fact that there are several to choose from. Let’s be honest – Phoenix can get downright hot in summertime. As a result, there are several AC units that simply can’t handle the constant work and stress – especially if they are not properly maintained. If this happens to you, you’ll have to find a dependable company to install a new AC unit in your North Phoenix home.

FAQs When Installing New Air Conditioning System

In order to help you make a better decision as to what type of AC unit you should buy, and who you should work with to install your new AC system in North Phoenix, here are a few FAQ’s.

Question #1 – What type of AC System Should I Install?

They say that if it’s not broke – don’t fix it. However, this does not always apply to air conditioning systems. The truth is that as technology improves, new and more energy efficient AC units become available for North Phoenix homeowners. However, there are a few important rules however for buying and installing any new system.

Rule #1 – Always Start with a Load Calculation

The first thing you should always have completed when it’s time to install a new AC system is a proper load calculation. This is completed by professional HVAC contractors and measures every aspect of your home to determine the correct size and power of an AC unit to keep your home cool – EFFICIENTLY.

Rule #2 – Always Compare Brands

Once the HVAC contractor has completed a load calculation, the next step is to compare vendors within that category. Always consider the overall ‘cost’ of operating the system as well as the price. This means that you should consider the system’s energy consumption ratings, such as if it’s Energy Star® rated, and if you can receive a tax incentive for purchasing a particular type of AC system.

Question #2 – When Should I Have AC Installation Completed?

If you have the luxury of replacing an AC unit before it actually breaks down, there are some times during the year that are better than others for air conditioning replacement in North Phoenix. You might think Winter as the best time to replace an AC system, but truthfully, late fall or early spring is quite often the best time for replacement. The primary reason is actually a two-step answer:

  • First, there are more HVAC maintenance companies in Phoenix completing routine service during this time period. And with more people available to work, the prices often are lower due to consumer demand being low for installation.
  • Second, it gives the AC contractor a good opportunity to physically test the system. When the temperature is starting to rise in early spring or comfortable in late fall, you can test an AC system without having the overall temperature inside your home become too cold.
Question #3 – Who is the Best Company to Hire for Air Conditioning Installation in North Phoenix?

Talk about a loaded question. However, in truth, there are three things you should look for in any company that will install your new AC unit in North Phoenix:

a) Make sure they are APS and SRP Qualified Contractors

b) Always verify that they have positive reviews

c) Verify with the BBB that they have at least a ‘B’ rating for customer service

The truth is that there are several air conditioning installation companies in North Phoenix. The best way to determine which one is best for you is to ask detailed questions of any company you contact. Always work with a company that provides you open and honest communication and the one that will deliver positive customer service every step of the way.

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