How Dust Storms in Phoenix Arizona Wreak Havoc on AC Units

dust storms in Phoenix ArizonaEveryone needs a dependable air conditioning unit when living in the heat of Arizona. If something were to damage your unit, you could potentially spend hours or days without functioning AC, making for a sweltering household. Dust storms in Phoenix Arizona could very easily be the force which disables your AC unit. Of course, proper maintenance for your cooling system is an excellent way to help it last longer and give peak performance.

Dust Invades Everywhere

Dust storms typically occur in arid and semi-arid regions, exactly the climate surrounding Phoenix Arizona. Gusts and strong winds can lift small sand and dirt particles from dry surfaces, whipping them into clouds which blow through urban and rural areas alike. As anyone who has spent time in a desert or at the beach can attest, fine sand and dirt particles can invade almost any space, no matter how tight. This idea applies to your house and outdoor appliances as well—particles carried by Arizona dust storms can easily find their way into the nooks and crannies of any structure. This dust then lodges in its new home as more dust continues to accumulate. The dust usually remains in the cracks of structures, including AC units, until removed by a careful homeowner or professional.

Coats of Dust Can Choke Your AC Unit

As dust builds on top and inside of your AC unit, the unit must work much harder to pull air into the household. Dust can partially or entirely block intake spaces your AC unit relies on to draw air from the outdoors. Further, dust can build up on the fan and rotary motor, slowing the fan’s speed and decreasing its efficiency. The unit is supposed to provide a steady supply of fresh, cooled air into your home, but with dust as a hindrance, the machinery in your unit has to put forth more effort to achieve its normal functioning. This means quicker wear and more severe breakdowns for your unit.

Common Debris Can Severely Damage Your AC Unit

In order for an AC unit to operate properly, outdoor air must pass into the unit and over the condenser coils, which are responsible for cooling the outdoor air to the desired indoor temperature. As wind swirls throughout Phoenix, it carries dust and other debris that stick to the condenser coils. Dust can form coats around your condenser coils, which means the outdoor air cannot make contact with the coils. If air cannot touch the coils, the air doesn’t cool, and the unit pumps in warmer air into your home. Homeowners then suffer higher electrical bills as they keep their units running longer and at lower temperatures to compensate for decreasing performance.

Additionally, larger pieces of debris carried by dust storms pose a threat to your AC unit. Larger clots of dirt, clumps of sticks, leaves, and numerous other outdoor items can enter the intricate machinery of your unit. This debris can jam your fan and other parts within the shell of the AC unit, causing the structures to malfunction and break. These damages often require professional HVAC maintenance. An AZ HVAC repair company can assist you with any maintenance or repair needs. It may be time for you to upgrade your system entirely.


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