Defining the Parts of a Toilet

Parts of a Toilet Diagram

The toilet is one of the most essential fixtures in your home. It’s something we all use and is simple for anyone to operate. When it is working fine, you probably don’t think too much about how it works. But knowing the parts of a toilet and how they work can help you troubleshoot minor issues and know when to call a plumber. A toilet is a marvel in mechanics and hydraulics and here’s a look at what it’s made of.

Parts of a Toilet Bowl

Parts of a Toilet Bowl

The bowl is the part that you sit on. It consists of a waterproof, largely stain-resistant porcelain material and contains these parts:

  • Toilet Seat: A liner typically screwed to the back of the bowl and provides a warm place to sit, at least relative to the colder underlying bowl.
  • Seat Cover/Lid: Closing the toilet after flushing is generally considered good manners when you live with others or have company.
  • Rim Holes: Underneath the lip of the toilet seat, these holes deliver water from the tank into the bowl, boosting flushing power and helping clean the toilet after use.
  • O-Ring Seal: A rubber or wax washer/gasket that prevents water from leaking out from the bottom of the toilet.
  • Wax Seal: A cone-shaped gasket between the floor flange and base of the toilet bowl that prevents water leakage.
  • Flange: A round bracket attached to the toilet by T-bolts. Screwed or bolted to the floor, this metal or plastic part fits directly above the sewer pipe.
  • P-Trap Pipe: As water drains, it begins to flow within the bowl’s P-trap, a U-shaped pipe where some water is retained to prevent sewer gases from rising.
  • Drain Pipe: Moves wastewater and air to prevent the system from clogging.

Parts of a Toilet Tank

Parts of a Toilet

The tank sits on the upper portion of the toilet, above the bowl. This solid-state component has no moving parts and holds the water used for flushing, along with a porcelain cover. It contains these components used for operating and flushing the toilet:

  • Handle/Button: Triggers flushing when pushed or pressed. Dual flush models have one button for liquid waste and another for solids.
  • Trip Lever: Connects the handle to a chain that is linked to the flapper valve.
  • Flapper Valve: Raises when the handle is pushed down. It contains a stopper at the base of the tank; when it lifts up, water goes into the bowl. The valve and stopper close once enough water has been released.
  • Refill Tube: Located in the center of the tank, this flexible plastic tube allows in a trickle of water from the supply line while the toilet refills.
  • Ball Cock: A float valve that sits atop the water in the tank. It manages the water level and is designed to prevent overflow.
  • Float Rod: A horizontal rod that connects the float ball to the top of the fill valve.
  • Float Rod Adjustment Screw: Can be loosened or tightened to change the position of the ball float and change the water level.
  • Shut Off Valve: Situated on the flexible braided water supply line, this oblong-shaped knob can be turned off to block water flow to the tank, either during emergencies or when the toilet is being repaired.
  • Overflow Tube: A failsafe that allows excess water to escape if other components stop working; it lets water flow from the tank directly into the bowl.

The Parts of a Toilet Diagram

Defining the Parts of a Toilet Diagram

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