Top 10 Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Plumbing Problems and How To Fix itWhen you have any sort of plumbing problem that is stressing you out, it’s vital that you get a handle on it as quickly as you can.

There’s an art and science to dealing with the most common plumbing problems, but it all begins with becoming aware of them. The ten tips presented here will be valuable in helping you pinpoint and repair plumbing issues so that your home stays at its best.

1. Get An Inspection To Pinpoint The Most Common Plumbing Problems

It’s important that you regularly get plumbing inspections so that you’re not overlooking some common plumbing problems.

Getting a home plumbing inspection should only cost you approximately $150- $200, and is a small price to pay to detect issues before they become costly problems.

2. Invest In A Handy Plunger

So many huge plumbing problems can be fixed by starting with the basics. If you have a handy plunger, you can fix clogs manually before allowing them to degenerate into pipe bursts and other plumbing catastrophes.

Make sure that you opt for an industrial strength plunger that will fix even the most serious backups.

Keep the plunger in plain sight so that you never have to worry about misplacing it.

3. Clean Drain Clogs Naturally

You also owe it to yourself to get out in front of your drain clogs by using natural methods.

Using some substances like baking soda, table salt and vinegar can be effective remedies. When you use these natural remedies instead of chemicals, you are protecting your plumbing fixtures for the future.

When you bring in a plumbing professional, opt for a manual drain fix, rather than using chemicals as well.

4. Change Out Your Showerheads

It is not uncommon to notice that your plumbing utility bills get expensive after awhile. This typically happens when you neglect some form of plumbing maintenance and begin wasting water.

Your shower is typically a place where a lot of water waste potential happens.

If you would like to use less water in your shower, install an eco-friendly shower head that will better facilitate this flow of water. This is not only great for the planet, it helps you to lower all of your water bills on your terms.

5. Invest In A New Hot Water Heater

Since your hot water heater is responsible for a lot of the plumbing work in your house, you’ll need to keep it in great condition.

Every hot water heater has a shelf life, so having it die out is one of the more common plumbing problems you’ll experience. The key is to get out in front of the hot water heater failure when you realize that it’s going bad.

Start looking for brand new water heaters and contact a plumbing company to give you an estimate on how much it’ll cost. The usual price range for a hot water heater is between approximately $700 and $1,300, though it could easily reach upwards of $12,000 for a more high tech hot water heater installation.

6. Never Dump Anything Down The Drain

Keep your drains free by never tossing anything down them. Use your garbage disposal properly and don’t let any foreign debris clog your sink drains, tubs or toilets.

Dumping food down the drain not only causes clogs, it will create unpleasant smells when that food begins to rot. This preventative step goes a long way toward making sure that you’re not bringing any unnecessary plumbing problems onto your household.

7. Tighten Your Nozzles And Faucets

Handling this simple matter is a great way to nip more serious plumbing problems in the bud.

When you tighten the nozzles and faucets, you avoid leaks that can create water buildup and damage to the pipes. Tightening these connections also decreases the amount of water that you waste and helps to prevent breaking any of the infrastructure.

All you need to do is break out the toolbox and grab a wrench that is the best size to tighten any of your plumbing connections. Your plumbing system is dependent on even the smallest parts, so every repair counts.

8. Fix Any Hard Water Problems

When you have hard water in your plumbing system, it becomes more difficult to clean, your water might taste funny and it can contain some harsh contaminants.

In this regard, you need to do everything you can to stay on top of any potential hard water problems. Call up a plumbing contractor that can run your water through a series of tests, and fix any hard water issues.

After fixing your hard water it’ll be much easier for you to keep your plumbing system in check. Hard water can lead to clogs and pipe bursts, so jump out in front of it the best that you can.

9. Get A Handle On Your Exterior Water Use

It’s also important to avoid water waste with your sprinklers, hoses, or any other outdoor plumbing fixtures. Install a meter that gives you an accurate readout of water usage, and make sure that your sprinklers are on a timer.

To save even more water, you could have a plumber install a sophisticated irrigation system. Regardless of what you choose, these decisions play a role in your plumbing quality.

10. Work With A Top-Notch Plumber

Finally, always do your research on the plumber you plan to hire. Your plumbers should be licensed, trained and insured, so you can get the best plumbing work possible.

At Hays Cooling Heating and Plumbing, we handle any sort of plumbing problem you can imagine. We’ve been providing these services for years, and can help you tackle any plumbing issue.

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