Common Myths About Correct Air Conditioning Sizing

air conditioning sizingWhen it comes to picking the right air conditioner, size is not everything. In fact, it’s estimated by the US Department of Energy that nearly 30% of American households currently have AC units that exceed their usage simply because they are not sized correctly. Although there are many reasons for this, picking the right size air conditioning is essential to maximize comfort, ensures you get the best possible value and saves money each month on utility bills. Check out the most common myths about correct air conditioning sizing below.

Myth #1 – A Bigger AC Unit Equals Cooler Air – FALSE

An air conditioning system is a precision tool designed to reduce the temperature of your home through efficient use of space. The method used by a professional HVAC contractor to determine the appropriate size for your home is just as precise and is known as completing a load calculation. A load calculation includes factoring several individual elements including:

  • • The overall square footage of the home
  • • The amount of windows and doors a home has as well as the direction those doors and windows face
  • • Total floors and rooms a building uses
  • • The type and size of ductwork
  • • The type of insulation, flooring, ceiling and other internal construction elements
  • • Outdoor landscaping; including whether or not the home has trees or other structures that block sunlight
  • • And much more

Once the HVAC contractor has ascertained this information, they plug it into a computer to determine exactly what size of air conditioning unit will efficiently cool a home.

Myth #2 – Bigger AC Units Use Less Energy To Cool Smaller Homes – FALSE

Another popular myth about HVAC sizing is that if you install a larger AC unit than your home needs, it will use less energy to cool the home – this is simply false. In fact, when you use a larger HVAC unit to cool a home than is recommended, the system actually works harder to achieve the desired temperature. Since the unit has a larger capacity, it will require more energy to operate effectively. And since the system will not be fine-tuned to work with the existing ductwork, the floors and other items factored in the load calculation; it will simply have to push more air into the home to achieve the desired result.

Myth #3 – A Smaller AC Unit will save you money on Electricity – FALSE

Just as we stated above, if the AC unit is not matched to achieve peak efficiency for the size of the home and all the other factors in the load calculation, it simply won’t work well. Not only that, but a smaller AC unit will have to work harder to circulate air through a home that is larger. When an AC unit has to work harder, this means it consumes more power will have the reverse effect.

When in doubt, it’s always best to trust the findings of a professional Phoenix HVAC company when you’re completing air conditioning sizing. Simply taking time to have the experts complete a load calculation could save you thousands of dollars per year in annual energy bills – as well as ensure you’re being environmentally conscious with your new AC system.

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