Common AC Problems Caused By Extreme Temperatures In Arizona

air conditioning problemsIt’s well understood that the more a machine operates, the quicker mechanical items can breakdown. And with temperatures reaching the century mark on a daily basis during one-third of the calendar year in Arizona, it’s not surprising that homeowners experience several air conditioning problems that can be directly linked to extensive heat.

Three Common AC Problems Triggered By The Extreme Heat In The Valley Of The Sun

First – Fan Belts Break

According to most HVAC professionals, one of the most common items to break down on an AC unit in Arizona is the fan belt. The primary reason for this damage is not always as simple as you’d think. Obviously the longer a machine has to operate, the sooner a flexible piece like a fan belt will fail. However, extreme temperatures alone can also impact the durability of a fan belt. Most AC unit fan belts are manufactured out of polymers such as synthetic rubber. And when the internal temperature of an AC unit can reach over 130 degrees on a daily basis – this combined with extensive use is a recipe for disaster.

Second – Broken AC Capacitor

The AC capacitor is an important part that is designed to provide a boost of power to an AC system upon start-up. Essentially, it’s like a starter motor for an air conditioning unit and is designed to help the fan get up to operational speed. Once the fan motor is at peak efficiency, the AC capacitor turns off and its job is complete. However, when an AC unit has to start up frequently (such as in the Arizona summertime) it can cause the AC capacitor to overheat due to extensive use. Unfortunately, once an AC capacitor has broken, the only solution is replacement, which can get very pricey.

Third – Replacing AC Condensate Drain Pans

Another common repair during summer is replacing or repairing AC condensate drains. This part is designed to collect the condensation that builds up when warm air is converted to cool air inside the AC unit. And when it’s hot outside, the direct result is more condensation. Sometimes the condensate drain simply can’t keep up with the extra volume and will need to be repaired or replaced.

What can be done to reduce these repairs?

There are a few simple things you can do to reduce the load on your AC unit during hot summers in Arizona.

  1. Replace your indoor air filters frequently. It’s recommended to replace your filters at least once every two months, but in summer, replace them every month. The reason for this is that filters become clogged with dust and dirt – especially when the wind kicks up in summer. And when the AC system is clogged, the unit has to work harder to force the cool air inside the home.
  2. Schedule a tune up before summer. Another easy thing to do is schedule a tune up prior to the summer heat arriving. During this inspection air conditioning specialists in Phoenix will often replace your belts and ensure your condensate drain is cleaned out.

It’s easy to see how routine maintenance can prevent or reduce most of these air conditioning problems that tend to occur in summer. So take time to help your AC unit breath easier when the temperatures skyrocket in summer.

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