How Often Should You Change Your Home Air Filter in AZ?

how often should you change your home air filter in AZIn general, most homeowners are aware of the basic routine maintenance they can and should perform on their own to keep their AC system running strong during the hot summer months. As the dog days of summer grow ever closer, however, many are concerned about just how often they should stay on top of this maintenance? There are many benefits to changing your air filter and doing it on the right schedule can keep you cool and confident. Learn how often should you change your home air filter in AZ and how a regular maintenance program can help you save money and stay cool.

The Many Benefits of Having a Clean Air Filter

AC air filter replacement may well be the single most important aspect of your regular air conditioning maintenance program and routine. There are a ton of benefits to a clean air conditioning filter. The first is cost savings. A clean filter will keep your system running at peak efficiency and will save you money. Another is longevity. Keeping the filter clean means your system won’t have to work as hard, which will make it work longer. A third is health. The air filter serves to keep your home air not just cool, but clean!

30 Days to Reducing Airborne Allergen Sensitivity

If you’ve got allergies, you should change your air filter monthly—every 30 days. This may seem like a lot, but air filters go a very long way towards reducing particulates in the air, and airborne allergens can trigger those runny noses, itchy eyes, breathing troubles and other hardships of seasonal allergies. Keep the pollen out of the air in your home by keeping your AC filter clean!

60 Days for Pet Dander, Dust and Fur

Pet owners should swap out your air filter every 45 to 60 days. This is because the dander, dust, feathers and fur that gets into your system can very quickly foul your air filter. Since keeping the filter clean is essential to having your system run at its highest efficiency, you’ll want to change it fairly often if you are a pet owner.

90 Days to Household Health and Wellness

Your average household owner should change their AC air filter every 60 to 90 days. Two or three months is the general length of time that it takes an air filter to get clogged and fouled with the particles it pulls out of the air, and obviously, the more often you change it, the cleaner it will stay.

The above are general, best practices for changing your air filter to keep your system running smooth and strong. If you are in need of further advice, seek assistance from expert Phoenix Arizona air conditioner maintenance specialists. These professionals will help you ensure that the air conditioning system in your home is running optimally throughout the hot, Arizona summer.


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