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Is Lennox a Good HVAC System for a Phoenix Home Install


One of the most difficult decisions a homeowner will make is choosing the right HVAC system as a replacement for one that has broken down. With so many brands, manufacturers, styles, and types on the market, it can be down-right complex to determine the right system for your individual needs. However, one of the most diverse systems that are designed for residential units are quality built systems by Lennox. It’s due to these facts that when many homeowners are asked; ‘is Lennox a good HVAC system” they typically answer – ‘Yes’. Read More

Advantage of Lennox Rooftop Unit Installation in Phoenix


One of the more popular new AC systems being sold for commercial and some homeowners are the Lennox rooftop systems. A rooftop unit is simply put – an air conditioning system that is installed on the roof of a building. This allows for smooth circulation of air throughout a building, as heated air typically tends to rise naturally. When it comes to Lennox rooftop unit installation in Phoenix, there are a few reasons why home and commercial owners are choosing this brand above others that are sold. Here are four of the best attributes that Lennox air conditioning systems offer customers in the Phoenix Valley. Read More

Are Lennox Air Conditioning Units Good In The Phoenix Heat?


This seems to be the magical question that all home owners ask; but in reality, it's also one of the hardest to answer. The facts remain that every home in Phoenix is unique – so are the Lennox air conditioning units that keep them cool in the summer heat. However, there are a few ways to determine what type of Lennox residential AC Unit in Phoenix is best suited for your individual home. And believe it or not, the professional HVAC Contractors you work with can provide these answers to you for little to no up-front cost. First – Ask Your Local HVAC Contractor to Visit your Home for an Inspection If there is a local Lennox air conditioning contractor that you have worked with in the past, or a new company that has a solid reputation in Phoenix, ask them to visit your home for a complete HVAC inspection. By examining what type, manufacture, size, shape and model of cooling system you currently have – along with the way it's installed; the contractor can get a big picture point of view. Read More

Lennox Air Conditioner Installation in Phoenix AZ: Prep Checklist


So – it's starting to get warmer in Phoenix and you decide to crank up the AC – and nothing happens. This situation is all too common for people living in the Valley of the Sun. The solution of course is to have a new AC system installed. But, with all the brands, makes, models, applications and everything else out there – where do you begin? Actually, the solution is easier than you'd think. In fact, many home owners that complete Lennox Air Conditioner installation in Phoenix find that making a checklist of things to do can really simplify the process. As such, here is a brief checklist of five items you should do in order to ensure you get the right Lennox system installed at your home or office. Read More

Top 3 Reasons Lennox Dealers In Phoenix Can Save you Money


Nobody likes to pay more than they should for any service. Whether you're buying a car, a new home or groceries at the store, we all like to get our money's worth and will tend to negotiate the best deal possible. However, when it comes to the HVAC world, sometimes you're stuck paying outrageous pricing for service, repairs and installation of new systems. There are alternatives however, and believe it or not, there are some HVAC companies – such as a Lennox Dealers in Phoenix that integrate their advanced training and procedures to save their customers money with all of their services. Here are three of the best reasons why working with a Lennox comfort specialist in Phoenix can and often will save you money each month. Read More