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How Much Should a Furnace Installation Cost?

How Much Should a Furnace Installation Cost?


Furnace installation and replacement costs on average from $2,796 to $6,746 as of 2022 (according to HomeAdvisor). Installing a furnace is an investment. But the right type and size of system can last 15 to 20 years. There can be a long-term return on investment, especially if… Read More

What Does a Heat Pump Do?

What Does a Heat Pump Do?


  A heat pump moves heat from one location to another, instead of creating warmer or cooler air like other HVAC systems. According to, it may use about 50% less electricity than a furnace or baseboard heater. If the temperature in your region rarely drops below freezing,… Read More

Electric Heaters vs. Trane Heat Pumps: Which is Best for Arizona Residents?

Electric Heaters vs. Trane Heat Pumps: Which is Best for Arizona Residents?


In Arizona, our winters are pretty mild. We don't typically have too much stress over choosing an HVAC system for heating purposes. But when the time does come for you to turn your heat on, do you know what's the best system for your home? Two common systems: electric heaters and heat pumps. Electric heaters are used more widely, but heat pumps offer some benefits that electric can't boast. Keep reading to learn what they are, and which is better for your home. Read More

Trane Residential Heat Pump Systems [Buyer’s Guide]

Trane Residential Heat Pump Systems [Buyer’s Guide]


If you’re looking for the perfect heating and cooling solution for your Phoenix home, there is almost no better choice than a heat pump. Although many homeowners aren’t familiar with heat pump systems, they are one of the most versatile options for controlling the temperature in your home, particularly in a mild climate like we experience in Phoenix. When you’re considering installing a heat pump system in your home, the most important factor is choosing the right model and there are no better heat pumps than those produced by Trane. Here is some more information about Trane residential heat pump systems and tips for installing this useful heating and cooling option in your home. Read More

Trane Heat Pump Reviews: Which Unit is Right for Your Home?


When you’re looking for the right solution to heat your Phoenix home, there is almost no better solution than Trane heat pumps. Trane is an industry leader when it comes to offering high-quality heat pumps, offering a number of great options for heating homes in Arizona. Because Trane offers such a wide variety of excellent heat pumps, it can be hard to choose the right model for your home. Here are some helpful Trane heat pump reviews that will help you pick the right unit so that your family stays comfortable throughout the year. Read More

3 Best Heating Systems for Homes in Phoenix Arizona


As the cooler air of winter approaches, you’re likely thinking about the best way to keep your family warm, which means you need to find the best possible heating unit. With there being so many choices when it comes to home heating systems, it’s important that you do enough research so that you get the right system for you. With a little bit of prep work, you can be sure your family will stay comfortable all winter long. Here are a few of the best heating systems for homes in Phoenix that will help your family make it through the long Phoenix winter. Read More

Best Home Heating Options in Phoenix for the Winter Months


Due to the temperate climate we enjoy in the Valley of the Sun, talking about home heating options in Phoenix is not a popular topic. However, the fact remains that it can – and often does; get very cold during the winter months in the Phoenix Valley. Whether you have a townhome in Scottsdale or live in a single-family home in Gilbert, the reality exists that having a properly functional home heating system if critical for comfort and for the health and well-being of the homes occupants. Read More

Ultimate Guide to Home Heating Systems in Phoenix


Buying a new furnace is about as exciting as watching a Cardinal’s football game where the home team gets shut out. Thankfully, the Arizona Cardinals are playing pretty good ball right now; but the reality exists that thousands of home owners in the Phoenix area will have to contact a contractor to have their home heating systems in Phoenix maintained, fixed or replaced as the winter chill begins to roll into the Valley. With this being said, there are a few things that you should consider about home heating units like heat pumps, furnaces and full-service HVAC systems that will allow you to find a dependable replacement system with as little hassle as possible. Read More

3 Simple Steps To Maintaining Your Trane Furnace In Phoenix AZ


Raise your hand if you love calling your local heating contractor in Phoenix to repair a broken down furnace. It shouldn't be shocking to learn that there are probably no hands in the air, as the time, stress, and money involved in repairing a Trane furnace in Phoenix can all add up. But did you know that according to most Trane furnace reviews – taking time to activate a routine maintenance program will reduce the chance of part failure by up to 95 percent? Here are some of the items that would be included in Trane furnace service program offered by professional Heating Contractors in Phoenix. Read More

What HVAC Brands Offer A High Efficiency Furnace For Phoenix?


One of the best ways to save money each month is finding ways to reduce the resources we consume. Whether it's choosing to eat in as opposed to dining out – or saving energy by running the dishwasher mid-day, most Arizona residents actively are concerned about integrating efficiency into their daily lives. This includes the search for a high efficiency furnace for Phoenix homes. For the most part, every new furnace that is manufactured and sold in Phoenix is more efficient than older systems. However, there are some brands that go above and beyond to provide better value than others. Here are a few brands that based on most high efficiency furnace reviews go the extra mile for their customers in search for efficiency. Read More